Services for Agencies

Top Reasons We Should Work Together:

I Meet My Deadlines

If I accept the work, you can count on me to deliver it when agreed, and to specification.

Your People Won’t Be Calling My People

I answer the phone and return messages promptly.

I Tend to Repeat Myself

My least favorite thing is marketing myself, so I work very hard to make sure all my clients are completely satisfied. I’d much rather win your return business and your referrals.

I Know People

With me comes my network of colleagues. If you are searching for a web or design related freelancer, I’d love to help you find a trustworthy and talented resource.

I Deliver On Budget

I pride myself on estimating accurately and delivering design efficiently.

Your Wish is My Command

This isn’t about personal artistic expression. Defensive designers can be rough. I’m a professional, and I’m happy when you’re happy.

I Have Real-World References

My references are creative directors at large and small agencies, marketing consultants offering web to their clients that I’ve worked with for years.

Nice Code You GotThere!

I write good clean code, and I know how to collaborate with and develop for the capabilities and limitations of various backend languages/frameworks. I’m also well-versed in current SEO best practices.

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