WordPress 3.1.3 (and WordPress 3.2 Beta 2)

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WordPress 3.1.3 is available now and is a security update for all previous versions. It contains the following security fixes and enhancements:

  • Various security hardening by Alexander Concha.
  • Taxonomy query hardening by John Lamansky.
  • Prevent sniffing out user names of non-authors by using canonical redirects. Props Verónica Valeros.
  • Media security fixes by Richard Lundeen of Microsoft, Jesse Ou of Microsoft, and Microsoft Vulnerability Research.
  • Improves file upload security on hosts with dangerous security settings.
  • Cleans up old WordPress import files if the import does not finish.
  • Introduce “clickjacking” protection in modern browsers on admin and login pages.

Consult the change log for more details.

Download WordPress 3.1.3 or update automatically from the Dashboard → Updates menu in your site’s admin area.

5 Simple Ways To Get More Traffic

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Everyone wants more traffic to their online store. Here are 5 simple ways you can get more potential customers to visit, and with luck, they’ll stay to browse and buy.

1. Write a guest article for a popular website

Every blog, ezine and newspaper needs content; the big boys even pay good money for content. Spend time transferring your knowledge into a simple article, something YOU would enjoy reading, then give it to a blogger. The blogger is happy because they get free content and inbound links from others who pick up your article on their site. You get an inbound link to your site because it was included in your byline at the end of your article and people who want to know more about the author (you) will click on the link to your site. Truly a win-win for both parties. Get started guest blogging with the help of My Blog Guest, a community of bloggers looking for guest bloggers.

2. Use a killer headline

Increase the effectiveness of your guest article or any content you publish on your own site with a headline that “gets the click.” Practice writing 10-20 headlines using different formulas; then pick a winner that stands out. Viral videos and link bait become so because of a killer headline.

3. Create a useful or funny video

The success of YouTube is proof that people love watching videos and the most popular videos without celebrities are generally humorous in nature. Before you get overwhelmed at the thought of producing a video check out Hubspot’s 5 Video Projects You Can Do in 25 Minutes. Make sure you embed the video on your website or blog so that you get the SEO benefit. The traffic benefits from video include visitors from video sites (YouTube & beyond), universal search results and video search results to name a few.

4. Sponsor a contest or giveaway

Everyone loves free stuff! So give the people what they want to win them over. Although the resulting spike in traffic usually goes away shortly after the giveaway ends, long term, you have a good shot at gaining customers, generating inbound links and spreading awareness of your brand. Check out RaffleDog for an easy giveaway with traffic & SEO benefits. Right now we are giving away 31 prizes from 31 sites over 31 days on the Miva Merchant Facebook page.

5. Participate in a forum

When you join and participate in an active user forum you get innumerable benefits. The most obvious yet often skipped benefit of forums is putting a link to your site in your signature. Most forums allow members to have a signature with links as long as you follow the community rules and guidelines. In addition to the link you get to take the pulse of the customer base, help people, and discover what’s missing from your niche that you can fill. Find a forum that fits you by searching Google with a keyword + forum such as “ecommerce forum”. You may also find Big Boards useful; especially, if you don’t know where to start.

For those of you who are superhuman, overachieving, go-getters, leverage all five tactics at once for uber results. Voila, 5 simple ways to get more traffic.


This article was written by Joyce Brister for Miva Corp, and was published on the Miva Merchant blog at: http://www.mivamerchant.com/blog/5-simple-ways-to-get-more-traffic

Add Google +1 to help your site stand out

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Webmaster level: Intermediate
When we introduced the +1 button in March, Google search took a small step in an important direction. Search results can be more helpful, and more personal, when recommendations from the people you trust are there to guide your way.

The +1 button can help publishers, too. As potential visitors see recommendations from their friends and contacts beneath your Google search results, you could see more, and better qualified, traffic coming from Google.

Since we announced +1, we’ve gotten lots of requests from Google search users and webmasters alike for +1 buttons in more places than just search results. That’s why today we’re making the +1 button available to sites across the web. Sometimes you want to recommend a web page after you’ve visited it. After all, how do you know you want to suggest that great article on Spanish tapas if you haven’t read it yet?

We’ve partnered with a few sites where you’ll see +1 buttons over the coming days:

Partner Logos
AddThisMashableHuffington PostRotten TomatoesNordstromO'ReillyReutersWashington PostBest BuyTechCrunchBloomberg

You’ll also start to see +1 buttons on other Google properties such as Android Market, Blogger, Product Search and YouTube.

Adding +1 buttons to your pages is a great way to help your content stand out in Google search. By giving your visitors more chances to +1 your pages, your search results and search ads could show up with +1 annotations more often, helping users see when your pages are most likely to be useful.

To get started, visit the +1 button tool on Google Webmaster Central. You’ll be able to configure a small snippet of JavaScript and add it to the pages where you want +1 buttons to appear. You can pick from a few different button sizes and styles, so choose the +1 button that best matches your site’s layout.

In the common case, a press of the button +1’s the URL of the page it’s on. We recommend some easy ways to ensure this maps as often as possible to the pages appearing in Google search results.

If your site primarily caters to users outside of the US and Canada, you can install the +1 button code now; the +1 button is already supported in 44 languages. However, keep in mind that +1 annotations currently only appear for English search results on Google.com. We’re working on releasing +1 to searchers worldwide in the future.

If you have users who love your content (and we bet you do), encourage them to spread the word! Add the +1 button to help your site stand out with a personal recommendation right at the moment of decision, on Google search.

To stay current on updates to the +1 button large and small, please subscribe to the Google Publisher Buttons Announce Group. For advanced tips and tricks, check our Google Code site. Finally, if you have any questions about using the +1 button on your websites, feel free to drop by the Webmaster Help Forum.

24 Ecommerce Plugins for WordPress

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Once WordPress was just a place to blog. Then came over fourteen thousand plugins. Today WordPress is a highly customizable platform, with everything you need to run your ecommerce business.

Here is a list of 24 plugins to help you run your business on WordPress. These plugins will help you promote and sell your products, manage your customers, and maintain your site.

Shopping Carts

  1. Cart66. Cart66 has a long list of tools for managing orders, promotions and shipping, including currency and tax calculations, and PayPal gateways. Cart66 has a free version called Cart66 Lite, as well as professional and developer additions. Upgrade features include recurring payments, subscriptions, and membership access features. The professional version supports several integrations, such as Gravity Forms, MailChimp, Spreedly, and Zendesk. Price: Cart66Lite is free; Cart66 Professional ranges from $89 to $399 per year.
  2. Ecwid. Ecwid is a free shopping cart system that is easy to install and maintain. It is customizable and can be mirrored. Add your store to several sites, and manage it all from one place. Integrates with other social networks, including Facebook and Myspace. Price: Free.
  3. eShop. eShop is a free shopping cart plugin that has a number of features. It is customizable and provides multiple ways to list products and shipping options. The admin area is simple to use for changing products and descriptions, as well as checking basic stats. It can also calculate sales tax. Price: Free.
  4. Shopp. Shopp is a shopping cart plugin that adds a feature-rich online store to your WordPress site. Shopp is not free, but with the price comes an extensive list of tools. Manage multiple product images with drag-and-drop sorting, low-stock email alerts, email order notifications, SEO tools, smart categories, shipping and promotional tools. Extensive payment gateways, though many are add-ons. Price: Single domain starts at $55; add-on tools start at $25.Shopp.Shopp.
  5. WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart. This free shopping cart plugin is designed to sell products in one click from your WordPress site. It allows you to add an “Add to Cart” button on any post or page, and display the shopping cart on any post or page or sidebar. The shopping cart shows the user what he or she currently has in the cart and allows the user to remove the items. Integrates with the NextGen Photo Gallery plugin too. Price: Free.
  6. WP Auctions. WP Auctions is a free plugin that allows you to host auctions on your blog or website. Hold as many auctions are you like with no fees. Use PayPal to accept payments. Edit your auctions, set specific end times, choose from different display styles, and manage auctions from the backend admin area. RSS feed for your auctions. Price: Free; Pro is $49.
  7. WP e-Commerce. This is another free shopping cart for selling your products and services online. There are a number of features, including multiple payment options, marketing tools, flexible shipping options and integrations for real-time rates, SEO tools, and a variety of themes. Use your own HTML and CSS to customize. Price: Free.
  8. Zingiri Web Shop. Zingiri Web Shop is a free shopping cart system to sell products and manage content. Features include easy configuration, complete order and customer management module, one page checkout, multilingual support, and payment gateways for PayPal, Google Checkout and others. Price: Free.

    Search Engine Optimization

  9. All in One SEO Pack. Automatically optimizes your WordPress site for Search Engines. Generates meta tags automatically. You can override any title and set any meta description and any meta keywords you want. Price: Basic is free; Pro is $39.
  10. Google Analyticator. This plugin adds the necessary JavaScript code to enable Google Analytics logging on any WordPress blog. Eliminates the need to edit your template code to begin logging. Google Analyticator also includes several widgets for displaying Analytics data in the admin and on your blog. Price: Free.Google Analyticator.Google Analyticator.
  11. Google Analytics for WordPress. The Google Analytics for WordPress plugin allows you to track your WordPress site easily with lots of meta data. It allows usage of custom variables in Google Analytics to track meta data on pages. You can easily connect it to your Google AdSense and Google Analytics accounts. Price: Free.
  12. Google XML Sitemaps. This plugin generates a special XML sitemap that helps search engines to better index your blog. With a sitemap, crawlers can see the complete structure of your site and retrieve it more efficiently. The plugin supports all kinds of WordPress generated pages as well as custom URLs. Additionally, it notifies all major search engines every time you create a post about the new content. Price: Free.

    Ad Management

  13. AdRotate. This plugin allows you to add and manage ads on your websites to generate revenue. Tie banners to different areas of the website. Easy management from the dashboard allows you to quickly oversee, add and edit banner code; or renew, delete and add new ads. Preview banners while editing them. Receive an email when banners expire, informing you to take action. Price: Free.AdRotate Plugin.AdRotate Plugin.
  14. Easy AdSenser. Generate revenue from your blog using Google AdSense. Easy AdSenser manages all aspects of Google AdSense for a blog. Insert ads into posts and sidebar, and add a Google Search box. Control the positioning and display of AdSense blocks in each post or page. Price: Free.

    Registration and Order Forms

  15. Events Manager. Fully featured event registration management, including recurring events, locations management, calendar, Google map integration, and booking management. Price: Basic is free; Pro is $75.
  16. Gravity Forms. This plugin lets you build and publish contract forms on WordPress. Forms can include shipping and total calculations, conditional fields, and buttons. Integrates with several applications and online services including PayPal, FreshBooks, and MailChimp. Price: $39 to $199 per year.Gravity Forms.Gravity Forms.
  17. S2Member. s2Member is a membership management system. It integrates seamlessly with PayPal. It supports recurring billing, with the ability to track affiliate commissions, custom pages, fields for registration, account access, and more. Upgrades offer additional features and integration. Price: Basic is free; Pro ranges from $60 to $149.


  18. MailChimp List Subscribe Form. This MailChimp plugin allows you to quickly and easily add a signup form for your MailChimp list. Subscribe readers to your newsletter. Also send promotions to subscribers. Build your online presence through email. Price: MailChimp is free for up to 2,000 subscribers; Pricing for upgrades varies.MailChimp List Subscribe Form.MailChimp List Subscribe Form.
  19. Share and Follow. This plugin displays a simple and adaptable social network, creating links to many social networking sites for sharing and following. Add share icons and follow links, such as Facebook Like and Twitter Tweet, and other buttons on your site, in the way you want. Price: Free.
  20. Sociable. This plugin allows you to automatically add social networking links to your posts, pages and RSS feed. Choose from 99 different social bookmarking sites. Price: Free.

    Site Management

  21. Akismet. Akismet checks your comments against the Akismet web service to see if they look like spam or not. You can review the spam it catches under your blog’s “Comments” admin screen and receive spam reports. Price: Free for personal sites; $5 to $100 per month for commercial sites, depending on volume of traffic and customization of application.
  22. BackupBuddy. Backup your entire WordPress install, including the widgets, themes and plugins. Backup to your server, Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud, FTP, or email. Quickly and easily restore your site on the same server or migrate to a new server with a different domain and database. Price: $45 to $150 per year, depending on number of sites.BackupBuddy.BackupBuddy.
  23. IntenseDebate Comments. This plugin enhances and encourages conversation on your site. Integrates with your WordPress admin panel for moderation. Features include comment threading, reply-by-email, user accounts and reputations, comment voting, and social network integrations. Price: Free.
  24. WP Super Cache. This is a fast caching engine for WordPress that produces static HTML files. This plugin generates static HTML files from your dynamic WordPress blog. After an HTML file is generated, your web server serves the HTML file instead of processing the comparatively heavier and more expensive WordPress PHP scripts. Price: Free.


This article was originally posted on Practical Ecommerce website, June 2, 2001: http://www.practicalecommerce.com/articles/2824-24-Ecommerce-Plugins-for-WordPress

X-Cart v4.4.3 released

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X-Cart v4.4.3 is now available for downloading in the “File area” section in your HelpDesk account at https://secure.qtmsoft.com, or at http://www.x-cart.com/download.html.

v4.4.3 is a minor bug-fix release which also features improved stability and performance. This version also includes some improvements, here are some of them:

– USPS API updated to versions RateV4 and IntlRateV2.
– Amazon Checkout integration reworked.
– Beanstream payment method updated.
– Support for MySQL 5.5.x added.
– CKEditor updated to version 3.5.3.
– JSON library updated to version 1.0.3
– jQuery API updated to version 1.5.1.
– and more…

For the detailed changes description see the CHANGELOG file included into the distribution package.

Find the installation guide at http://help.qtmsoft.com/index.php?ti…t:Installation

NOTE: The upgrade packs will be available in a week approximately.

—————— X-CART v4.4.3 RELEASED

[*] 11 Feb 2011, aim – Improvement (0104194): Added new API for getting/setting cart paymentid.
[!] 18 Feb 2011, aim – Bug (0105228 ): Fixed some bugs with zero total_cost.[*] 21 Feb 2011, aim – Improvement (0100686): Store requires billing details for orders with zero total cost. Fixed.
[!] 24 Feb 2011, aim – Bug (0099947): ‘Save as a new address’ and ‘Update existing address’ check boxes do not work properly on the One-Page Checkout page. Fixed.
[!] 28 Feb 2011, aim – Bug (0100609): Shipping cost sometimes appears empty on the One-Page Checkout page. Fixed.
[!] 01 Mar 2011, aim – Bug (0100941): minicart total fails to update on address change. Fixed.[*] 07 Mar 2011, aim – Improvement (0105521): Some changes related to the infinite loop in the checkout with an invalid payment method.[*] 21 Mar 2011, aim – Improvement (0106517): Added the Amazon_Checkout integration.func_cart_is_need_shipping function.[*] 08 Apr 2011, aim – Improvement (0101500): Reworked Amazon_Checkout integration.
[!] 18 Apr 2011, aim – Bug (0106083): AJAX queries do not work in PHP4. Fixed.


[!] 14 Jan 2011, aim – Bug (0103484): Default site Title tag fails to appear on the home.php page. Fixed.
[!] 27 Jan 2011, aim – Bug (0104250): nbsp character not converted properly for category description, product description, etc. Fixed.
[!] 09 Mar 2011, aim – Bug (0084099): Product and account tabs fail to appear properly in the webmaster mode. Fixed.
[!] 09 Mar 2011, aim – Bug (0102818 ): W3C errors in customer area. Fixed.
[!] 14 Mar 2011, aim – Bug (0105368 ): JS error on printable pages. Fixed.
[!] 12 Apr 2011, aim – Bug (0104429): ‘Submit’ button fails to lock in the IE8 browser. Fixed.
[!] 25 Apr 2011, aim – Bug (0107843): Incorrect position of the ‘Apply’ button. Fixed.
[!] 25 Apr 2011, aim – Bug (0104938 ): HTML entities like ϑ Ο   € ‚ fail to appear properly. Fixed.
[!] 29 Apr 2011, aim – Bug (0107951): CSS aggregator fails to work correctly with cloud-zoom jQuery plugin, Detailed_Product_Images module. Fixed.


[!] 20 Jan 2011, aim – Bug (0103860): Problem with image manipulation related to lower_case_table_names MySQL settings in Windows OS. Fixed.
[!] 14 Mar 2011, aim – Bug (0105323): Import routine generates unnecessary zero-length thumbnails. Fixed.

[*] 16 Feb 2011, ferz – Improvement (0104460): Improved description for the ‘Number of columns to display the product list in’ option.[*] 08 Apr 2011, ferz – Improvement (0107091, 0106625): Adjusted some email notification option texts.[*] 03 May 2011, aim – Improvement (0100421): Updated CKEditor to version 3.5.3.

[*] 14 Apr 2011, aim – Improvement (0107548 ): Removed duplicate lbl_fedex_address_2 label.[*] 28 Apr 2011, aim – Improvement (0107839): Small changes in labels.
[!] 29 Apr 2011, aim – Bug (0108055): _lng SQL tables fail to refresh when the related language is deleted. Fixed.


[!] 02 Feb 2011, aim – Bug (0103528 ): Orders placed with the Google/Amazon Checkout payment methods could not be found. Fixed.
[!] 08 Feb 2011, aim – Bug (0104714): Store returns wrong provider commission values. Fixed.
[!] 18 Apr 2011, ferz – Bug (0107567): Payment CC data fails to show in the admin order notification message even with the option ‘Add order details (including credit card information) to admin order…’ enabled. Fixed.
[!] 20 Apr 2011, ferz – Bug (0107668 ): Fails to show customer information for orders with deleted users. Fixed.
[!] 21 Apr 2011, ferz – Bug (0100838 ): Product quantity fails to change when order status changes from ‘Backordered’. Fixed.


[!] 28 Jan 2011, ferz – Bug (0103960): FedEx Priority Overnight shipping method fails to appear. Fixed.
[!] 28 Jan 2011, aim – Bug (0100768 ): ‘Select a carrier’ functionality fails to work properly in One-Page Checkout. Fixed.
[!] 13 Apr 2011, aim – Improvement (0103715): Updated USPS API to versions RateV4 and IntlRateV2.
[!] 14 Apr 2011, ferz – Bug (0107528 ): Intershipper fails to get shipping rates if the request contains spaces and special characters. Fixed.


[!] 11 Apr 2011, aim – Bug (0104642): Wrong ST/DST+SH taxes when free shipping products are combined with regular products in the cart. Fixed.


[!] 20 Jan 2011, aim – Bug (0103840): 404 Not found error on some pages related to the user_modify.php?user={.id} link. Fixed.
[!] 21 Jan 2011, aim – Bug (0102815): ‘Require to change password on next log in’ option on the user modify page does not work. Fixed.[*] 08 Feb 2011, aim – Improvement (0104675): Added new API for getting/setting anonymous_userinfo.
[!] 09 Feb 2011, ferz – Bug (0104703): Obsolete ‘login’ field used instead of ‘userid’. Fixed.
[!] 01 Mar 2011, ferz – Bug (0105651): Unnecessary data remains in the database when a customer profile is deleted. Fixed.
[!] 04 Mar 2011, aim – Bug (0105673): Incorrect error message on the user modify page in the admin area. Fixed.
[!] 25 Apr 2011, aim – Bug (0100420): Names like d’Artagnan fail to appear properly for anonymous customers in One-Page Checkout. Fixed.
[!] 27 Apr 2011, aim – Bug (0105143): Search users by address feature does not work. Fixed.

[*] 25 Jan 2011, aim – Improvement (0099622): Added new option ‘Enable CVV2’ for the Beanstream payment method.[*] 27 Jan 2011, ferz – Improvement (0104227): Updated Authorize.Net information variables.[*] 04 Feb 2011, aim – Improvement (0093809): Added new-generation algorithm for the SHA1 signature (SHASign).[*] 10 Feb 2011, aim – Improvement (0104815): Updated links for the 2Checkout payment gateway.
[!] 15 Feb 2011, aim – Bug (0101429): CC info visible in PayPal WPP Direct Payment when using X-Payments. Fixed.[*] 01 Mar 2011, ferz – Improvement (0105617): Updated Beanstream payment method.[*] 09 Mar 2011, aim – Improvement (0088553): Added the ‘Fraud check service’ option for the HSBC XML payment gateway.
[!] 10 Mar 2011, aim – Bug (0101140): Customers enter CC number twice for the First Data Global Gateway – Connect payment gateway. Fixed.
[!] 10 Mar 2011, aim – Bug (0106040): Incorrect number format used with eSelect Plus – Hosted Paypage payment gateway. Fixed.[*] 21 Mar 2011, aim – Improvement (0106491): Minor changes in the default shipping rate in the Google Checkout module.[*] 22 Mar 2011, aim – Improvement (0101906): Added new ‘Display the “Checkout with Amazon” button at the top of catalog pages’ setting for the Amazon Checkout module.
[!] 22 Mar 2011, aim – Bug (0105549): Google_Checkout/Amazon_Checkout works only with some other payment method enabled. Fixed.
[!] 29 Mar 2011, ferz – Bug (0106138 ): Bibit/RBS Worldpay payment server declines transaction when login is not stored in customer profile. Fixed.
[!] 30 Mar 2011, ferz – Bug (0105339): Payment method configuration page redirects to HTTPS in the admin area when the payment protocol is set to HTTPS. Fixed.
[!] 04 Apr 2011, ferz – Bug (0089861): Adjusted Netbanx payment note in the admin area.
[!] 07 Apr 2011, aim – Bug (0107260): Wrong reject duplicate ‘NEW-ORDER-NOTIFICATION’ logic. Fixed.


[!] 27 Jan 2011, aim – Bug (0102394): Search by_shortdescr by_fulldescr fails to work in the admin area. Fixed.
[!] 02 Mar 2011, ferz – Bug (0082907): Advanced product search does not recognize zero values in search parameters. Fixed.
[!] 03 Mar 2011, ferz – Bug (0100300): File on the Internet (enter image URL) functionality does not work on some servers. Fixed.


[!] 14 Feb 2011, aim – Bug (0104970): Address book fails to export properly. Fixed.
[!] 01 Mar 2011, ferz – Bug (0105587): Order export routine in the format 4.0.x exports ZIP-4 on a separate line. Fixed.
[!] 30 Mar 2011, ferz – Bug (0105264): Phone and fax values absent in order export CSV files. Fixed.


[!] 17 Jan 2011, aim – Bug (0103462): The Speed Up CSS tool fails to support constructions like url(“/path_to_image.image.jpg”). Fixed.[*] 18 Jan 2011, aim – Improvement (0103699): Added new ‘Use cached buy_now.tpl template calls’ check box on the general settings page.[*] 20 Jan 2011, aim – Improvement (0103848 ): Adjusted condition for invalidating cache in the func_get_default_fields function.[*] 11 Feb 2011, ferz – Improvement (0104803): Optimized some queries in banner statistics.[*] 24 Mar 2011, aim – Improvement (0106652, 0099127): Slightly optimized the ‘Change user authentication mode’ functionality.
[!] 14 Apr 2011, aim – Bug (0105061): ‘Language labels and customer fields’ fail to appear properly in multilingual stores. Fixed.
[!] 21 Apr 2011, aim – Bug (0106486): Fixed var/cache overload.[*] 22 Apr 2011, aim – Improvement (0102163): Optimized module initialization.[*] 28 Apr 2011, aim – Improvement (0104799): Optimized Advanced Statistics module.[*] 28 Apr 2011, aim – Improvement (0105901): Optimized Survey module.


[!] 14 Apr 2011, aim – Bug (0105036): DB backup/restore functionality fails to work properly. Fixed.


[!] 26 Apr 2011, aim – Bug (0105527): Patch tool inserts hunks after the ?> tag. Fixed.

[*] 12 Jan 2011, aim – Improvement (0103380): Minor change related to the installation_auth_code comment.
[!] 17 Jan 2011, aim – Bug (0103701): PHP notices fixed.
[!] 17 Jan 2011, ferz – Bug (0103628 ): Duplicate code found in the install.php script. Fixed.
[!] 18 Jan 2011, aim – Bug (0103725): PHP notices fixed in logging in to the admin/provider area.[*] 18 Jan 2011, aim – Improvement (0103709): SQL error status improved in the upgrade procedure.
[!] 18 Jan 2011, aim – Bug (0099823): Shipping methods not available on the offer configuration page (Special_Offers module). Fixed.
[!] 18 Jan 2011, aim – Bug (0103758 ): PHP notices fixed on the General settings page.
[!] 18 Jan 2011, aim – Bug (0103760): PHP notices fixed on the offer configuration page, Special Offers module.
[!] 19 Jan 2011, aim – Bug (0103770): PHP notices fixed on the product page in the customer area.
[!] 19 Jan 2011, aim – Bug (0103769): Typo related to the x_error_reporting variable and PHP 5.3 error-level reporting logic. Fixed.
[!] 20 Jan 2011, aim – Bug (0101556): Multiple fixes related to ‘Provider commissions’.
[!] 24 Jan 2011, aim – Bug (0104030): HTML tags fail to appear properly on the ‘News lists’ page in the admin area. Fixed.
[!] 24 Jan 2011, ferz – Bug (0093549): Updated ProxyPay3 integration.[*] 26 Jan 2011, aim – Improvement (0104018 ): JSON library updated to version 1.0.3. IE7 problem related to Content-type: application/x-javascript header fixed.
[!] 27 Jan 2011, aim – Bug (0104228 ): PHP notices fixed during functional tests.
[!] 31 Jan 2011, ferz – Bug (0103067): The admin side fails to stay in the HTTPS mode. Fixed.
[!] 01 Feb 2011, aim – Bug (0103398 ): USPS shipping label generator fails to work properly with the new shipping methods. Fixed.
[!] 07 Feb 2011, aim – Bug (0101410): Maximum thumbnail width/height settings are ignored on the Products Map page. Fixed.
[!] 07 Feb 2011, aim – Bug (0104638 ): Fixed access to uninitialized variables.
[!] 09 Feb 2011, aim – Bug (0104802): Fixed SQL errors.
[!] 14 Feb 2011, aim – Bug (0104968 ): Fixed the ‘Cache_Lite : Unable to remove cache’ error.[*] 03 Mar 2011, aim – Improvement (0104538 ): jQuery API updated to version 1.5.1.
[!] 03 Mar 2011, aim – Bug (0102569): Address book fails to provide correct shipping address to the checkout page. Fixed.
[!] 10 Mar 2011, ferz – Bug (0104096): Obsolete value in the COMPATIBLE_VERSION constant in the installation script. Fixed.
[!] 16 Mar 2011, ferz – Bug (0106246): E-mail message header is not RFC compliant. Fixed.[*] 22 Mar 2011, ferz – Improvement (0104564): SEO: Improved the canonical tag.
[!] 07 Apr 2011, aim – Bug (0107274): ‘Call to undefined function func_cart_set_flag’ error fixed.
[!] 08 Apr 2011, ferz – Bug (0106953): Same ‘Contact us’ form cache used in the Customer, Partner and Admin areas. Fixed.
[!] 11 Apr 2011, aim – Bug (0107403): SQL error fixed on the cart page related to the Special Offer module.
[!] 14 Apr 2011, ferz – Bug (0107161): ‘Operate as this user’ feature fails to restore cart content. Fixed.[*] 14 Apr 2011, aim – Improvement (0103629): Changed min MySQL version to 4.0.18 (for 4.0) and 4.1.2 (for 4.1). Added support for MySQL 5.5.x.
[!] 15 Apr 2011, aim – Bug (0105559): Libcurl used in the func_http_get_request function even when disabled in the General Settings. Fixed.
[!] 15 Apr 2011, aim – Bug (0089959): Code strings fail to paste properly to the command line. Fixed.
[!] 21 Apr 2011, aim – Bug (0107570): Regular expression not quoted. Fixed.
[!] 25 Apr 2011, aim – Bug (0102888 ): Installer fails to create new database. Fixed.[*] 29 Apr 2011, ferz – Improvement (107472): Removed obsolete code.[*] 04 May 2011, aim – Improvement (0108185): Changed ads management.

NextGEN Gallery: Uploading images from a Zip file

Posted in: WordPress- May 03, 2011

The following tutorial outlines the process for uploading a Zip-file of images to individual photo galleries in WordPress, using the NextGEN Gallery plugin.

1 Prepare your image files – Re-size and optimize your images for your website. The actual physical dimension of your images may vary, depending on your website, your gallery, and your intended use for your images. While saving your images, try to keep individual images down to roughly 100-200KB in size, and no more than 1MB. Once you have saved your images.

2 Prepare your Zip files – I recommend creating individual Zip files for each gallery. If you intend to upload more than 6-7MB worth of images at once, then suggest splitting your images across multiple Zip files, each less than 8MB, for given gallery.

3 Access your control panel – Login to your WordPress admin area, and navigate to: Gallery > Add Gallery / Images > Upload a Zip-File. This page offers options to upload Zip files from your computer, or specifying a URL to your Zip file.

4 Upload your files – When your Zip files are ready for upload, you have the option to upload the files from within WP (select the “Select Zip-file” option as seen in the screenshot below), or via FTP (in this case, select the “or Enter a Zip- File URL” option as seen in the screenshot below). If your choose the former, then be sure each Zip file is less than 8MB in size.

5 Select a gallery – Make sure to assign your image to their appropriate gallery by selecting it from the drop-down menu. To start the upload process, click the “Start Upload” button:

WordPress Plugin – jQuery Vertical Mega Menu

Posted in: Plugins, WordPress- Apr 22, 2011

Mega menus are now very popular with improved useability over the standard flyout multi-level menus.

This WordPress plugin uses our jQuery Vertical Mega Menu plugin and allows you to very easily create vertical mega menus in your WordPress sidebar using the standard custom menus available with WordPress 3.0.

The plugin can handle multiple mega menus on each page and provides 3 different choices for flyout menu animation effect – No Animation (show/hide), “fade In” or “slide out”. The plugin also gives the option of selecting either left or right for the flyout menu animation direction and comes with 8 styled skins.

For horizontal mega menus refer to – WordPress Mega Menu Widget Plugin.


Download JQuery Vertical Mega Menu Widget 1.2 (3,529)



  1. Upload the plugin through `Plugins > Add New > Upload` interface or upload `jquery-vertical-mega-menu` folder to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. In the widgets section, select the jQuery vertical mega menu widget and add to one of your widget areas
  4. Select one of the WP menus, set the required settings and save your widget


In order to use the vertical mega menu plugin you will need the following:

A WordPress custom menu

Either use an existing menu or set one up via the menu option in WordPress admin. Although the widget will work with any menu structure, for best results use 3 levels for the custom menu – see sample screenshot of custom menu structure below.

Widget area

Either use an existing widget area in your WordPress theme or create a new widget area in the required location. This is a vertical menu so it needs to be located in a sidebar or column.

For more information on how to add a new widget to your WordPress theme see our follow up WordPress tutorial – “Adding A Widget Area To Your Theme Files”.

Create Your Vertical Mega Menu

To create your vertical mega menu go to the widget admin page and drag the “jQuery Vertical Mega Menu” widget to the desired widget area. Then select your custom menu from the drop down list in the widget control panel.

Click “save” to activate the widget.

Configuring Your Widget

The widget has several parameters that can be configured to help cutomise the mega menu:

Number Items Per Row

Select the number of sub-menu items to be shown on each row of the flyout mega menu.

Animation Effect

The effect used to display the flyout mega menu – options are; No Animation(i.e. show/hide), fade in or slide out. See the vertical mega menu demo page for examples.

Animation Direction

Choose the direction for the flyout menu – either left or right.

Animation Speed

The speed at which the dropdown menu will open/close


8 different sample skins are available to either use “out of the box” or give examples of css that can be used to style your own vertical mega menu


The menu appears on the page but does not work. Why?

One main reason for this is that the plugin adds the required jQuery code to your template footer. Make sure that your template files contain the wp_footer() function.

Another likely cause is due to other non-functioning plugins, which may have errors and cause the plugin javascript to not load. Remove any unwanted plugins and try again. Checking with Firebug will show where these error are occuring.

How should I structure my custom menu to get the best results?

The widget works by taking the standard menu structure and creating the sub-menus from the nested links. To get the full effect you need to have 3 levels within the custom menu:

  1. First level is used for the main menu items
  2. The second level is used to create the sub-menu headings
  3. The 3rd level links are then grouped together under the headings to create the menu options

Example – Products –> Category –> Product Ranges

To view a screenshot of the complete menu structure used to create the demo menus – click here

The menu appears on the page and looks correct but I cant see the flyout menu?

Make sure that your theme does not have the side column, where your menu is located, set to overflow: hidden in the style sheet file – this will hide the flyout menu.

How can I create my own custom CSS style sheet for the menu?

See WordPress Tutorial – Create Your own Custom Vertical Mega Menu for more information and sample custom CSS.

Contact us if you have any questions or problems with the plugin or would like help creating a new skin for the vertical mega menu.

Demo JQuery Vertical Mega Menu

View The jQuery Vertical Mega Menu Demo

Download The Plugin


Download JQuery Vertical Mega Menu Widget 1.2 (3,529)


If you find this plugin useful please rate it at wordpress.org.

If you have any problems or suggestions on how we can make the plugin better let us know via comments, email or our online contact form.


Version 1.3 – 19th Apr 2011

  • Fixed: IE Invalid Argument bug in jQuery plugin

Version 1.2 – 15th Apr 2011

  • Fixed: Sub menu positioning bug for bottom menu option

Version 1.1 – 23rd Mar 2011

  • Fixed: IE7 bug with sub-menu widths


Widget in edit mode

Sample custom mega menu structure – For best results use 3 levels for the custom menu

Available menu skins

Example of open mega menu

For more information and tips on the best type of vertical menu plugin to use refer to – Choosing a Vertical Menu WordPress Plugin For Your Site.


WordPress Plugin for Google Webmaster Tools verification

Posted in: Plugins, WordPress- Apr 22, 2011

The following article was originally posted on Google’s Webmaster Center Blog on April 21, 2011:

For webmasters with self-hosted WordPress blogs, there’s now a Webmaster Tools site verifcation plugin for WordPress that completely automates our verification process! You can install it directly from the “Install Plugins” control panel built into your WordPress blog, or you can download the ZIP file from the WordPress plugin site. This plugin can only be used by self-hosted WordPress blogs; it can’t be installed on blogs hosted on wordpress.com.

With verified ownership of your site in Webmaster Tools, you can receive specific statistics and information (e.g. relevant search queries, malware notices) about your site directly from Google. For recent news about verification for other types of sites, please see our recent blog post, “Your fast pass through security.”

6 Key ‘Terms and Conditions’ for Ecommerce Merchants

Posted in: E-Commerce- Apr 20, 2011

The following article was written by Jeff Jacobson and originally posted on the Practical E-commerce website, on April 15th, 2011:

If you are selling goods or services over the Internet, it is important to have terms and conditions on your website. A terms and conditions page or language throughout the website about how you will treat certain transactions creates a contract between you and your customers. Having carefully crafted terms on your website gives you the opportunity to dictate how conflicts will be resolved, limit your liability, protect intellectual property, and advise customers of special processes involved in transacting business on your website. The following is a list of terms that ecommerce merchants should have on their websites to protect their businesses.

Billing; Special Fees

Any special billing charges, such as shipping, taxes, or other fees should be described and set forth in the terms and conditions. Also, it is not enough just to post such billing terms on a “terms and conditions” page that is not visible or accessible at the time of checkout. A link and an affirmative agreement (e.g. by checking a box accepting the terms) should be used prior to payment for the goods or services purchased. Overstock.com learn this lesson when a class-action suit was brought against the company for charging a restocking fee. In the lawsuit, customers argued they had not agreed to the restocking fee because such terms were not easily accessible or available at checkout. See “Website Terms and Conditions: Overstock.com Case Highlights Enforceability,” my previous article on the Overstock.com case.

Intellectual Property

Many merchants may think that the only intellectual property they need to protect are the design, content, logos, product names and business names on their websites. However, many websites allow customers and users to post content about products and services purchased. This user content needs to be addressed in the terms and conditions. The merchant may want to use the content in testimonials or other advertising on the website. A person who writes something on a website automatically is the owner of that content as the author. Therefore, for an ecommerce merchant to have full use of that content, the terms and conditions need to assign such content to the merchant or grant a license for use by the merchant. If users are required to register, they should be required to agree to such terms prior to completing registration.

Limitation of Liability; Disclaimers

If you have looked at any website terms and conditions, you have most likely seen various limitations clauses and disclaimers. It is important to have clearly-written limitation-of-liability clauses because this language protects the business from the extension of liability beyond the transaction. These clauses also limit representations or warranties on the products. You may want to provide some warranty or no warranty at all. Such limitations will need to be clearly defined. Also, implied warranties that could be claimed, such as fitness for a particular purpose, should be disclaimed. Limitations on warranties and representations should apply to the content and descriptions provided, as well as the products or services being sold.

Disputes and Choice of Law

A dispute clause should be used to dictate how conflicts will be resolved and where those conflicts will be resolved. Some companies like to use arbitration or mediation and others just use the court system. In any event, the law in the location where your business is located should be applied to the transaction, and therefore, should be stated in the terms and conditions. Also, the jurisdiction of the court should be determined in this clause to protect the company from having to fight a claim in another state or multiple states or countries.

General and Specific Terms of Service

All of your terms of service should be set forth and reviewed often to assure that the terms provided on your website match the way you do business. These terms include shipping times and dates, processing of returns, out-of-stock items, risk of loss, special programs or rebates, and any other process that the customer should be aware of in your business process.

Review and Update Often

Once you have carefully crafted your terms and conditions, schedule a periodic review of those terms to assure that items that have changed are updated. This is extremely important because your customer may try to enforce your terms against you. If your website terms provide for a $5.00 restocking fee and as of the first of the year you increased it to $10.00, you must update your terms and conditions to reflect that change. Also, you should attempt to communicate these changes with your customers either on your website or by an email update. This will show that you took reasonable steps to inform your customers of material changes to your terms. If you have questions as to what particular terms mean or how to limit liability for certain items on your website, you should consult an attorney specializing in ecommerce matters. A little review and crafting upfront can save you many headaches and expensive litigation later.


Google’s SEO Starter Guide

Posted in: SEO- Apr 20, 2011

Google’s updated version of its “SEO Starter Guide” offers basic tips for making your website more accessible to search engines. Within the 31 page document, Google outlines best practices for creating meta tags, building URL structure, navigation, content, anchor text, headers, images, robots.txt, and optimizing your site for mobile devices.

Click here to download Google’s SEO Starter Guide in PDF format


Choose a Color: Adding a Color Picker to Product Pages

Posted in: Miva Merchant, Uncategorized- Apr 09, 2011

Welcome to Episode IV of Matt’s Musings. This month finds us looking at the product page…specifically the product attributes.

For the original article, along with complete source code, go to:

Let’s say we have a clothing store selling t-shirts. Chances are, on the product page, we will offer two sets of attributes: color and size. Within Miva Merchant, there are several options on how the attributes can be displayed. Most commonly, for multi-variant attributes like these, we would choose drop-down list as our display type (although radio buttons are a good second choice). So after we set up our product attributes and view the product page, we see this familiar layout:
Default Attribute Layout

Now that’s all fine and dandy, but what do those color names really mean? Wouldn’t it be great if our shoppers could see the actual colors to make their decision easier? Maybe something like this:
Attributes with Swatches

Well I’m here to say, “Good news everybody…it can be done!” That’s right, you can add swatches to your attributes with a minimal amount of coding changes. The beauty in this whole process is an often overlooked option that is available within a product’s attribute settings.

Here is how a typical attribute’s settings screen would look for a color drop-down list:
Default Attribute Settings

Notice the blank column of Image: this is where the magic starts. If this were a radio button set instead of a drop-down list, the image uploaded here would appear in place of the prompt on the product screen. However, by default, if you have a drop-down list and upload an image, nothing changes on the product screen. We will correct that in the next step by editing the product attribute template. For now, let’s upload some images to the attribute list:
Attributes with Images Settings

Now that we have the images uploaded and all our attributes set, let’s make those code changes and get some images up on the product page. Copy the contents of the Product Attribute Template tab and paste it into your HTML editor. Your code should look similar to this:

<mvt:foreach iterator="attribute" array="attributes">
   <input type="hidden" name="Product_Attributes[ &mvt:attribute:index; ]:code" value="&mvte:attribute:code;" />
   <mvt:if expr="l.settings:attribute:template_code NE 0">
    <input type="hidden" name="Product_Attributes[ &mvt:attribute:index; ]:template_code" value="&mvte:attribute:template_code;" />
   <mvt:if expr="l.settings:attribute:type NE 'checkbox'">
    <mvt:if expr="l.settings:attribute:image">
     <img src="&mvte:attribute:image;" alt="&mvte:attribute:prompt;" />
     <mvt:if expr="l.settings:attribute:required">
   <mvt:if expr="l.settings:attribute:type EQ 'text'">
    <input type="text" name="Product_Attributes[&mvt:attribute:index;]:value" value="&mvte:attribute:value;" />
   <mvt:elseif expr="l.settings:attribute:type EQ 'memo'">
    <textarea name="Product_Attributes[&mvt:attribute:index;]:value">&mvte:attribute:value;</textarea>
   <mvt:elseif expr="l.settings:attribute:type EQ 'radio'">
    <mvt:foreach iterator="option" array="attribute:options">
     <mvt:if expr="( ( g.Product_Attributes[l.settings:attribute:index]:value EQ 0 ) AND
         ( l.settings:option:id EQ l.settings:attribute:default_id ) )   OR
         ( g.Product_Attributes[l.settings:attribute:index]:value EQ l.settings:option:code )">
      <input type="radio" name="Product_Attributes[&mvt:attribute:index;]:value" value="&mvte:option:code;" checked />
      <input type="radio" name="Product_Attributes[&mvt:attribute:index;]:value" value="&mvte:option:code;" />
     <mvt:if expr="l.settings:option:image">
      <img src="&mvte:option:image;" alt="&mvte:option:prompt;" />
   <mvt:elseif expr="l.settings:attribute:type EQ 'select'">
    <select name="Product_Attributes[&mvt:attribute:index;]:value">
     <mvt:foreach iterator="option" array="attribute:options">
      <mvt:if expr="( ( g.Product_Attributes[l.settings:attribute:index]:value EQ 0 ) AND ( l.settings:option:id EQ l.settings:attribute:default_id ) ) OR
          ( g.Product_Attributes[l.settings:attribute:index]:value EQ l.settings:option:code )">
       <option value="&mvte:option:code;" selected>&mvte:option:prompt;</option>
       <option value="&mvte:option:code;">&mvte:option:prompt;</option>
   <mvt:elseif expr="l.settings:attribute:type EQ 'checkbox'">
    <mvt:if expr="g.Product_Attributes[l.settings:attribute:index]:value">
     <input type="checkbox" name="Product_Attributes[&mvt:attribute:index;]:value" value="Yes" checked />
     <input type="checkbox" name="Product_Attributes[&mvt:attribute:index;]:value" />
    <mvt:if expr="l.settings:attribute:image">
     <img src="&mvte:attribute:image;" alt="&mvte:attribute:prompt;" />
     <mvt:if expr="l.settings:attribute:required">
Now we just need to add in an array to pull all the attribute images we  uploaded to our product and place the output above the drop-down box.
<mvt:elseif expr="l.settings:attribute:type EQ 'select'">
 <mvt:foreach iterator="option" array="attribute:options">
  <img src="&mvte:attribute:image;" alt="&mvte:option:prompt;" title="&mvte:option:prompt;" />
 <select name="Product_Attributes[&mvt:attribute:index;]:value">

In this example you'll see the images will be displayed inline by default but have a class of "swatches" applied to them to make styling an easy process. That's all there is to it. You will now have your attribute images appear above your drop-down list attributes. Now a customer will know what you mean when you're offering a shirt in a color called "pond."
Until next time, Happy Coding
P.S. Here's the full Product Attribute Template with the new code in place.

Code: Adding a Color Picker to Product Pages

<mvt:foreach iterator="attribute" array="attributes">
   <input type="hidden" name="Product_Attributes[ &mvt:attribute:index; ]:code" value="&mvte:attribute:code;" />
   <mvt:if expr="l.settings:attribute:template_code NE 0">
    <input type="hidden" name="Product_Attributes[ &mvt:attribute:index; ]:template_code" value="&mvte:attribute:template_code;" />
   <mvt:if expr="l.settings:attribute:type NE 'checkbox'">
    <mvt:if expr="l.settings:attribute:image">
     <img src="&mvte:attribute:image;" alt="&mvte:attribute:prompt;" />
     <mvt:if expr="l.settings:attribute:required">
   <mvt:if expr="l.settings:attribute:type EQ 'text'">
    <input type="text" name="Product_Attributes[&mvt:attribute:index;]:value" value="&mvte:attribute:value;" />
   <mvt:elseif expr="l.settings:attribute:type EQ 'memo'">
    <textarea name="Product_Attributes[&mvt:attribute:index;]:value">&mvte:attribute:value;</textarea>
   <mvt:elseif expr="l.settings:attribute:type EQ 'radio'">
    <mvt:foreach iterator="option" array="attribute:options">
     <mvt:if expr="( ( g.Product_Attributes[l.settings:attribute:index]:value EQ 0 ) AND
         ( l.settings:option:id EQ l.settings:attribute:default_id ) )   OR
         ( g.Product_Attributes[l.settings:attribute:index]:value EQ l.settings:option:code )">
      <input type="radio" name="Product_Attributes[&mvt:attribute:index;]:value" value="&mvte:option:code;" checked />
      <input type="radio" name="Product_Attributes[&mvt:attribute:index;]:value" value="&mvte:option:code;" />
     <mvt:if expr="l.settings:option:image">
      <img src="&mvte:option:image;" alt="&mvte:option:prompt;" />
   <mvt:elseif expr="l.settings:attribute:type EQ 'select'">
    <mvt:foreach iterator="option" array="attribute:options">
     <img src="&mvte:attribute:image;" alt="&mvte:option:prompt;" title="&mvte:option:prompt;" />
    <select name="Product_Attributes[&mvt:attribute:index;]:value">
     <mvt:foreach iterator="option" array="attribute:options">
      <mvt:if expr="((g.Product_Attributes[l.settings:attribute:index]:value EQ 0) AND (l.settings:option:id EQ l.settings:attribute:default_id)) OR(g.Product_Attributes[l.settings:attribute:index]:value EQ l.settings:option:code)">
       <option value="&mvte:option:code;" id="&mvte:option:code;" title="&mvte:option:prompt;" selected>&mvte:option:prompt;</option>
       <option value="&mvte:option:code;" id="&mvte:option:code;" title="&mvte:option:prompt;">&mvte:option:prompt;</option>
   <mvt:elseif expr="l.settings:attribute:type EQ 'checkbox'">
    <mvt:if expr="g.Product_Attributes[l.settings:attribute:index]:value">
     <input type="checkbox" name="Product_Attributes[&mvt:attribute:index;]:value" value="Yes" checked />
     <input type="checkbox" name="Product_Attributes[&mvt:attribute:index;]:value" />
    <mvt:if expr="l.settings:attribute:image">
     <img src="&mvte:attribute:image;" alt="&mvte:attribute:prompt;" />
     <mvt:if expr="l.settings:attribute:required">

How To Make A Custom Twitter Feed For Your Website

Posted in: Social Media- Apr 09, 2011

Twitter has become very popular and has turned into a tool that a lot of websites have used to connect with their customers and promote themselves.  A great, and now popular, way to show those who visit your website that you have an active Twitter account is to add a Twitter feed to it.  In this post I will show you how to add a custom Twitter feed to your website, providing you with code and styling tips (don’t worry… it is actually very easy).

Twitter provides you with various free widgets that are easy to integrate with your website for those who are not capable of easily designing anything custom, but if you can, try to go the custom rout of creating (or having someone create for you) a custom looking feed.

Picking where to place your custom Twitter feed

The first thing to do is to figure out where you would like to add your custom Twitter feed.  Typical places to add your feed would be to your homepage, your global footer (especially if you have a large one), or a sidebar that might have navigation or promotional things.  Once you know where you would like to place your Twitter feed, figure out the exact size that you have to work with.  Remember that you only have 140 characters maximum in each post on Twitter so there will be a maximum amount of space needed, but make sure that the area you have allotted for your custom Twitter feed has some flexibility to become slightly larger or smaller, based off of what is needed when you test it out for the first time.

Designing your custom Twitter feed

There are not a lot of limitations to how fancy you can design your custom Twitter feed and you can easily match it to the look and feel of your website.  You can define how many of your tweets (posts on Twitter) you would like to show up, but I will be talking about using just your most recent (only one) tweet, which is the most popular thing to do.

First try creating a new document in Photoshop (or another image editing tool) at the size you have allotted your Twitter feed to rest in. Reference a recent tweet that you made that is close to the maximum 140 characters.  Select that text and paste it into your image editor.  Then snag some more text that references how long ago that you tweeted that post (such as “about an hour ago”), copy, and then paste it after your post that you originally pasted.  This will mimic the amount of text your feed will dynamically place on your website within the area you allotted.

If possible, try to style that text similar to the style you currently use on your website, or how you would like it to appear once live on your website.  Pay close attention to the font and size (make sure it is a web-safe font).  This will give you a good idea how much space your text will take up.  If it takes up too much space, try playing with the font size and/or line height.

Once you have spent time with your text, then style the rest of the custom Twitter feed.  This is everything else that you would like to mold to look like the rest of your website, such as the background color, shadow, outline, texture, or anything else that will apply to the appearance behind the text from your Twitter posts.  After you have the appearance of your custom Twitter feed designed exactly the way you want it, you will start chopping it apart to integrate it into the code.

The way that I have found that works best is to have a top image, a bottom image, and a one pixel tall middle image that will scale/tile. The middle image will end up going just where your text from your most recent tweet is.  The top image will go above your tweet and the bottom will go below that.  Taking into account padding/spacing, chop the top part from the top of your image down to right above where your text starts.  Your bottom image will be the same but be cut from the bottom of your image up to where your text ends.  This will account for the spacing/padding that will occur above and below your tweet.  Then cut, going from left to right, one pixel high, for your middle image.  If you have a gradient applied to the background of your custom Twitter feed, make sure that this middle section is set up to be a solid color with the gradient stopping at the end of the image where it had met the text for the top and bottom portions.  If you have certain styles (such as gradients, while using Photoshop or other popular image editing software) applied to your image, make sure you flatten your image, eliminating the layers, in order to preserve the appearance and not have your gradient or styles reshaped to the new size that you just cropped.

Save your three image files (the top, bottom, and middle sections) as something that indicates what it is, such as that it is being used for Twitter as well as what section it is for.  An example would be “twitter_t.png,” with “t” indicating that it is for the top section”

Styling the CSS

CSS allows us to do a lot with the appearance of your feed, including stylizing the text.  You will mainly be creating an area for the top image, one image for the bottom area, and then (most importantly) the middle section, where all of the magic will happen.  Remember that this is set up to have the middle section tile so keep that image one pixel high, spanning the width you would like to have your background for your Twitter feed.  I have my top image set up to be 34 pixels high and my bottom image set to be 29 pixels high.  Those all will be thrown into a container for the area you designated for your Twitter feed.  To allow people to visit my Twitter account page, I use the bottom image to link to my page (a popular thing to do, with your “follow me” text placed on there) but this is completely optional.

01#twitter_t {
02 width: 445px;
03 height: 34px;
04 background-image:url("your top image");
07#twitter_m {
08 width: 415px;
09 padding: 0 15px;
10 background:url("your middle image") 0 0 repeat-y;
13 #twitter_container {
14 min-height:45px;
15 height:auto !important;
16 height:40px;
17 padding-bottom:10px;
18 }
20 #twitter_update_list {
21 width: 415px;
22 padding: 0;
23 overflow: hidden;
24 font-family: Georgia;
25 font-size: 14px;
26 font-style: italic;
27 color: #31353d;
28 line-height: 16px;
29 font-weight:bold;
30 }
32 #twitter_update_list li {
33 width: 415px;
34 list-style: none;
35 }
37 #twitter_update_list li a {
38 color: #5f6d76;
39 border-bottom: dotted 1px;
40 text-decoration: none;
41 }
43 #twitter_update_list li a:hover {
44 color: #31353d;
45 background: #d3f1f9;
46 }
48#twitter_b {
49 width: 445px;
50 height: 29px;
51 background-image:url("your bottom image");

I have my site structured so that it is 900 pixels wide with two columns split up with a ten pixel margin between the two columns (with no margin on the outer sides).  My custom Twitter feed and my list of recent blog posts are standing side by side, taking up a width of 445 pixels each (both added up with the 10 pixel margin totaling 900 pixels wide).  You can adjust the above code to work best within the area you have designated for your custom Twitter feed.

To keep things organized, I named everything starting with the word “twitter,” followed by an underscore with what it does after.  Like my images, I have “t” indicating it will be the top section, with “b” the bottom.  “twitter_m” will be acting as my middle section and this is where I have my middle image tiling from top to bottom of whatever space is taken up by the things inside.  I have the width and padding adjusted to make sure that whatever is inside “twitter_m” will be gapped out from the left and right side similarly to the space I have given using the top and bottom images.  To be placed within “twitter_m” is “twitter_container” which will hold the portion that makes up the text of the Twitter feed, called “twitter_update_list.” In the CSS above, you will see mostly things that apply to the appearance of the text that will be populating the custom Twitter feed, coming right from your Twitter account.  If you have your main CSS file organized with all the text styles together in one part of it, you could go ahead and take “twitter_update_list” portions and throw them together with your other text styles.

Since I want to keep the general alignment of things on my site perfect, I would like to try to keep my Twitter feed taking up about the same height as what the list of my 4 recent blog posts are (since they are side by side with the feed in the left column and blog posts in the right).  I have my custom Twitter feed set up so that “twitter_container” keeps the height at the minimum desired height to make it look good next to my blog posts section and also have the ability to grow downward if for some reason my most recent Twitter post caused a few characters to jump to the next line.  I implemented a hack to get this sort of thing to work cross browser.  I have designed it very carefully so almost in all situations, if I max out the 140 characters that Twitter allows, along with the “posted such and such time ago” text, it will stay within the amount of space I have given it and not have to grow downward.  It is better to be safe than sorry and I have seen plenty of these custom Twitter feeds that have characters jumping below where it should, in some cases below the box/graphic the text is meant to stay inside.

Inserting JavaScript

To get your Twitter feed to pull from your latest tweet from your Twitter account, you are going to need to insert some JavaScript into the page your feed will rest in.  There are several areas where you can place this code but I, and many others, have found that the best place is to place it at the very end of your code, right before the end </body> tag.

In the code above, swap the word “REPLACE” with your account name. An example would be if your account name was “twitter.com/ChrisKirkman,” you would just place “ChrisKirkman” in there instead of the word “REPLACE.” If you do decide to display multiple tweets, instead of the one that I suggested, then all you will have to do is change where it says “count=1” to whatever number of tweets you would like to display.  Where it links to “blogger.js,” you can have your own file on your server that you link to that has the same information with some minor tweaks, if you like.

Inserting the HTML into your page

1<div id="twitter_t"></div>
2<div id="twitter_m">
3 <div id="twitter_container">
4 <ul id="twitter_update_list"></ul>
5 </div>
7<div id="twitter_b">

The code above references the CSS that was styled earlier on.  Based off of your layout, all of that code could be thrown into another container (or table) to allow it to work best with the rest of your layout design.

Putting it all together

Once you have everything in place, push it live on a page that you can test it on.  It will more than likely take some tweaks and changes to get it perfect but once you have everything adjusted, it will work fantastically and serve its purpose of allowing visitors of your website to see that you have a Twitter account, are active on Twitter, read what your last tweet was, and possibly become one of your Twitter followers.

Something like this has potential to connect you with your website visitors on Twitter a lot more effectively than placing a button or link on your website, usually hidden at the bottom of your page.

WordPress 3.1.1 released

Posted in: Releases, WordPress- Apr 05, 2011

WordPress 3.1.1 is now available. This maintenance and security release fixes almost thirty issues in 3.1, including:

  • Some security hardening to media uploads
  • Performance improvements
  • Fixes for IIS6 support
  • Fixes for taxonomy and PATHINFO (/index.php/) permalinks
  • Fixes for various query and taxonomy edge cases that caused some plugin compatibility issues

Version 3.1.1 also addresses three security issues discovered by WordPress core developers Jon Cave andPeter Westwood, of our security team. The first hardens CSRF prevention in the media uploader. The second avoids a PHP crash in certain environments when handling devilishly devised links in comments, and the third addresses an XSS flaw.

We suggest you update to 3.1.1 promptly. Download 3.1.1 or update automatically from the Dashboard → Updates menu in your site’s admin area.

Our release haiku:

Only the geeks know
What half this stuff even means
Don’t worry — update


5 Free Ways to Check Your Site Performance

Posted in: Web Analytics- Mar 25, 2011

Curious how your site is doing relative to your competitors, and looking for benchmark metrics to improve upon? Here’s a roundup of free (and freemium) tools that can help you track traffic, SEO, social sentiment, business ratings and site speed performance.

Competitive Benchmarks

Google Benchmarking

Google Analytics offers an opt-in benchmarking service where you can see how other opted-in sites of similar size and topic area perform in terms of traffic and bounce rates. This can answer the common question “is our bounce rate too high” relative to birds-of-a-feather, but the data quality depends on how many sites have opted-in, and how good Google is at determining which sites fall in your industry.

Coremetrics Benchmarks

Personally, I prefer Coremetrics benchmark data. Though the data is only collected from Coremetrics customers (and may be a smaller sample than Google), it’s free to access even if you’re not a customer. (You must opt-in to share your data in order to view Google’s benchmarks).

Coremetrics also offers you more information, including average order value, conversion rate and items per sale. The reports are updated each quarter and can be downloaded from their US website and the UK website.


Compete.com and Google Trends

Compete.com’s free version is much like Google Trends for Websites – reporting traffic “trends” for multiple sites.

These are quick and easy tools to gauge your volume and popularity against competitors, but also useful for media buying. Some sites boast “X visitors per month” when really they had a peak one month which does not represent current traffic. I also like to compare seasonality. If others in the industry all rose or fell during the quarter, it’s less of a concern for the business owner.

The paid version of Compete is pretty killer, you can see data on traffic sources, demographics, traffic loss/gain, paid search and keyword referrals if you’re serious about CI (competitive intelligence). Wouldn’t it be helpful to know if conversion and traffic was falling across the board because of the economy, seasonality or world events?


I’ve used a lot of backlink checking tools in my day, but Open Site Explorer takes the cake. Rather than pull data through search engine APIs, SEOmoz has built its own web crawlers, indexed the web themselves and developed their own “MozRank” system of judging a site’s authority. Open Site Explorer allows you access to their data to see not just backlinks, but their follow / nofollow / 301 status. You can also see backlinks ranked by authority (MozRank), so you get the “best” data first). You can also compare sites side-by-side to see who has the more valuable links.

Why should you care about backlinks? Knowing the high authority sites that link to your competition shows you who to target first with your own link building campaign. Many of the top links are blogs and news sites, so work with your PR team to acquire your own exposure and links.

For serious SEO, paying customers can run unlimited reports, see up to 1000 backlinks and more metrics than the freebies (as well as access to the other goodies the Mozeratti have built).

Social Sentiment

Using natural language processing, sentiment apps can scour the ‘Net and social networks for mentions of any keyword (e.g. your brand) and spit out a rating or percentage of positive, neutral and negative comments. While it’s not foolproof (misunderstanding “not bad” as “bad” for example), it does help you and your social media team identify potentially negative situations that could be rectified by reaching out to the user.

There are many sentiment apps, but here are my top 3:


I find this app doesn’t always “get it right,” but it allows you to correct boo-boos and re-classify comments as positive, neutral or negative manually and update your score. (As you can see, some are marked “negative” which are really “neutral”).

You can also save searches for later, and scope searches between a certain time frame.


Don’t limit yourself to just Twitter, search anything with Socialmention – video, microblogs, blogs, news, Q&A and more. It also provides more data and export tools than Twittersentiment.


Aside from the fact you’ll never remember how to spell this domain, this tool has the nicest UI. This is nice if you’re only interested in one type of sentiment. But it lacks the features of the other two – it’s Twitter-only, and you can’t “correct” mentions or export data.

Though there’s not much you can do to benchmark or “improve” sentiment – you can have the best quality service and product but there will alway sbe someone to complain – gathering feedback helps point out areas of your business to improve, and identify opportunities to satisfy an unhappy customer.

Paid for social media monitoring suites that include sentiment tracking like Radian6, Trackur and UberVu may be worth looking into.

Business Ratings

Did you Google Product Search aggregates business ratings from review sites like BizRate, ePinions and Yahoo? Well, now you know. Check out your site by heading to Google Products and searching the following, replacing “google.com” with your domain.


I love how it breaks down to areas of your business like shipping, customer service and ordering process. Use this qualitative data in addition to customer surveys.

Site performance

By now we know that page load speed is critical to conversion, customer satisfaction and even search engine rankings. But how you doin’?
Take the free WebPageTest tool for a drive and you’ll get, among other things, a waterfall view of your page object load speeds and a page optimization checklist.

Test by location and browser version (IE7 or IE8). This is important as the farther away a user is from your servers, the slower the page load (this can be improved with site optimization tools). One request to WebPageTest, don’t forget us Macs! UPDATE – WebPageTest.org now supports testing for Chrome.

Making Websites Mobile Friendly

Posted in: SEO- Mar 24, 2011

Let’s start with a simple question: what do we mean by “mobile phone” when talking about mobile-friendly websites?

A good way to answer this question is to think about the capabilities of the mobile phone’s web browser, especially in relation to the capabilities of modern desktop browsers. To simplify matters, we can break mobile phones into a few classifications:

  1. Traditional mobile phones: Phones with browsers that cannot render normal desktop webpages. This includes browsers for cHTML (iMode), WML, WAP, and the like.
  2. Smartphones: Phones with browsers that render normal desktop pages, at least to some extent. This category includes a diversity of devices, such Windows Phone 7, Blackberry devices, iPhones, and Android phones, and also tablets and eBook readers.We can further break down this category by support for HTML5:
    • Devices with browsers that do not support HTML5
    • Devices with browsers that support HTML5

Once upon a time, mobile phones connected to the Internet using browsers with limited rendering capabilities; but this is clearly a changing situation with the fast rise of smartphones which have browsers that rival the full desktop experience. As such, it’s important to note that the distinction we are making here is based on the current situation as we see it and might change in the future.

Googlebot and Mobile Content

Google has two crawlers relevant to this topic: Googlebot and Googlebot-Mobile. Googlebot crawls desktop-browser type of webpages and content embedded in them and Googlebot-Mobile crawls mobile content. The questions we’re seeing more of can be summed up as follows:

Given the diversity of capabilities of mobile web browsers, what kind of content should I serve to Googlebot-Mobile?

The answer lies in the User-agent that Googlebot-Mobile supplies when crawling. There are several User-agent strings in use by Googlebot-Mobile, all of which use this format:

[Phone name(s)] (compatible; Googlebot-Mobile/2.1; +http://www.google.com/bot.html)

To decide which content to serve, assess which content your website has that best serves the phone(s) in the User-agent string. A full list of Googlebot-Mobile User-agents can be found here.

Notice that we currently do not crawl with Googlebot-Mobile using a smartphone User-agent string. Thus at the current time, a correctly-configured content serving system will serve Googlebot-Mobile content only for the traditional phones described above, because that’s what the User-agent strings in use today dictate. This may change in the future, and if so, it may mean there would be a new Googlebot-Mobile User-agent string.

For now, we expect smartphones to handle desktop experience content so there is no real need for mobile-specific effort from webmasters. However, for many websites it may still make sense for the content to be formatted differently for smartphones, and the decision to do so should be based on how you can best serve your users.

URL Structure for Mobile Content

The next set of questions ask about the URLs mobile content should be served from. Let’s look in detail at some common use cases.

Websites with only Desktop Experience Content

Most websites currently have only one version of their content, namely in HTML that is designed for desktop web browsers. This means all browsers access the content from the same URL.

These websites may not be serving traditional mobile phone users. The quality experienced by their smartphone users depends on the mobile browser they are using and it could be as good as browsing from the desktop.

If you serve only desktop experience content for all User Agents, you should do so for Googlebot-Mobile too; that is, treat Googlebot-Mobile as you treat all other or unknown User Agents. In these cases, Google may modify your webpages for an improved mobile experience.

Websites with Dedicated Mobile Content

Many websites have content specifically optimized for mobile users. The content could be simply reformatted for the typically smaller mobile displays, or it could be in a different format (e.g., served using WAP, etc.).

A very common question we see is: Does it matter if the different types of content are served from the same URL or from different URLs? For example, some websites have www.example.com as the URL desktop browsers are meant to access and have m.example.com or wap.example.com for the different mobile devices. Other websites serve all types of content from just one URL structure like www.example.com.

For Googlebot and Googlebot-Mobile, it does not matter what the URL structure is as long as it returns exactly what a user sees too. For example, if you redirect mobile users from www.example.com to m.example.com, that will be recognized by Googlebot-Mobile and both websites will be crawled and added to the correct index. In this case, use a 301 redirect for both users and Googlebot-Mobile.

If you serve all types of content from www.example.com, i.e. serving desktop-optimized content or mobile-optimized content from the same URL depending on the User-agent, this will also lead to correct crawling by Googlebot and Googlebot-Mobile. This is not considered cloaking by Google.

It is worth repeating that regardless of URL structure, you must correctly detect the User-agent as given by your users and Googlebot-Mobile, and serve both the same content. Don’t forget to keep the default content, the desktop-optimized content, for when an unknown User-agent requests it.

Mobile Sitemaps in Webmaster Tools

Finally, we receive many questions about what URLs to put in Mobile Sitemaps. As explained in our Mobile Sitemaps Help Center articles, you should include only mobile content URLs in Mobile Sitemaps, even if these URLs also return non-mobile content when accessed by a non-mobile User-agent.

More Questions?

A good place to start is our Mobile Sites Help Center articles and the relevant sections in our Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. We also created a thread in our forums for you to ask questions about this post.

48 Facebook Pages for Businesses

Posted in: Social Media- Mar 24, 2011

Facebook is not just a social forum to share pictures with friends anymore. Businesses are pushing traffic to their ecommerce sites, increasing brand awareness and now making sales on Facebook stores.

I looked at the top ten brands on Facebook with the most Fans as analyzed by All Facebook’s Page Statistics, an unofficial Facebook page tracker updated daily. The ranking data is current to Tuesday, March 22, 2011. Just browse the top brands on Facebook and study what they do — and don’t do — to help generate innovative ideas for your own company’s Facebook page.

I then observed the top celebrity and branded Facebook pages running Facebook stores to see how they run their individual stores.

In total, I looked at over twelve-hundred Facebook pages and pulled the most interesting and innovative pages either by ranking of total Fans or just for their news and practical advice.

Top 10 Brands on Facebook with the Most Fans

These pages are the top ten branded Facebook pages, but their true overall ranking ranges within the top fifty pages on Facebook. I removed celebrity, game and interest pages to distill this list down to only business brands. These top ten prove that you don’t necessarily have to sell anything on Facebook to make good use of the platform.

  1. Facebook. Facebook’s very own page is second only to a Zynga game app page on Facebook itself and although expected that Facebook would be highly ranked on its own platform, it does some interesting things on its page from live streaming of current events, live chat, a resources page with links to tips for businesses and developers and much more. Ranked 2 overall with 36.4 million Fans.
  2. YouTube. YouTube posts contests and Fan participation events like its recent “Life In A Day” personal video upload event as well as ranking of the top videos on its site from news to music to the bizarre – all of which can be easily shared and viewed right in Facebook. Ranked 6 overall with 29.5 million Fans.
  3. Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola’s Facebook page focuses more on the lifestyle of the brand’s users rather than selling anything at all on Facebook – it has dozens of pages for Facebook oriented events, Fan participation, virtual gift giving of digital Coca-Cola buttons of products to other Facebook users, music and even downloads – all for free. Ranked 13 overall with 23.7 million Fans.
  4. Starbucks. Features live streaming of Starbucks events, Starbucks job search, links to over thirty international Starbucks Facebook pages and more. Ranked 22 overall with 20.3 million Fans.
  5. Disney. Disney provides easy access to and easy-Liking of its dozens of branded Facebook pages, boasting a total of 144.4 million Fans across all of its pages. They offer free desktop wallpaper downloads, movie ticket buying for the latest Disney film in theaters, trailers and Fan discussion boards. Ranked 31 overall with 18.3 million Fans.Disney on Facebook.Disney on Facebook.


  6. MTV. One of the ultimate youth brands is also popular on Facebook with news from the entertainment sector, contests and game apps even a social network-oriented weight loss program for its Fans. Ranked 34 overall with 17.9 million Fans.
  7. Oreo. Several pages dedicated to Oreo cookie recipes, fun interactive Fan games where users can upload pictures of themselves as well as a call to all Oreo Fans to share pictures of themselves with the product. Ranked 35 overall with 17.4 million Fans.
  8. Red Bull. A clear lifestyle-oriented page, Red Bull has dozens of games for Fans to download and play, and videos and profiles of alternative sport athletes the brand sponsors — all for free. Ranked 43 overall with 16.4 million Fans
  9. Skittles. Featuring regular photo upload contests for Fans to win prizes, humorous posts on its wall news feed and more. Ranked 45 overall with 15.6 million Fans.
  10. Converse All Star. A simple page that mostly relies on pictures of the product and videos of artists, musicians and athletes that love the brand or are sponsored by it. Ranked 49 overall with 14.7 million Fans.

    Celebrity Facebook Ecommerce Stores

    These are five of the top celebrity pages with the largest amount of Fans on Facebook also operating Facebook commerce stores — all within the top fifteen overall Facebook pages with the most Fans.

  11. Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga’s page has a regularly-updated store selling clothing, music and music-related accessories all easily shared with friends on the site — purchasing users to Lady Gaga’s main website. Ranked 4 overall with 30.9 million Fans
  12. Michael Jackson. Features a store similar to Lady Gaga’s selling figurines, books, clothing and other Fan-oriented merchandise that is easily shared with friends on Facebook. Again, purchasing redirects potential customers to the main Michael Jackson website store. Ranked 5 overall with 30.4 million Fans.
  13. Rihanna. Offering a way for Fans to buy limited and specialty goods right on Facebook as well as from the main Rihanna store outside of Facebook. Fans can also sign up for a newsletter. Ranked 7 overall with 29 million Fans.
  14. Linkin Park. Similar in design to the Rihanna store, Linkin Park Fans can purchase music, clothing and limited edition merchandise from the store. Customers can also sign up for a subscription service that gives them discounts on goods, alerts to tickets before the public announcement and chances for meet and greets. Ranked 9 overall with 24.9 million Fans.
  15. Justin Bieber. Bieber’s store offers clothing and toys for Fans as well as the ability to share any product in the store on your own Facebook page. Fans can also purchase movie tickets, sign up for a newsletter, watch videos and download free images. Ranked 12 overall with 23.8 million Fans.Lady Gaga on Facebook.Lady Gaga on Facebook.


    Branded Facebook Ecommerce Stores

    Here is a sampling of ten highly ranked business brands with Facebook commerce stores. They range from within the top fifty to top twelve-hundred in total Fans and are some of the largest retail brands on Facebook.

  16. Mafia Wars. Download dozens of popular Facebook games, review products and more — all for free. Ranked 42 overall with 16.3 million Fans.
  17. Victoria’s Secret. Although Victoria’s Secret does not sell its products on Facebook, it does offer an innovative way to send gift cards through Facebook that can be redeemed online and in stores, as well as free wallpaper downloads and product spotlights. Ranked 60 overall with 12 million Fans.
  18. iTunes. iTunes doesn’t sell anything on its Facebook page, but it does allow users to watch the most popular music videos and download ten free songs and participate in interactive polls. Ranked 61 overall with 11.9 million Fans.
  19. PlayStation. Featuring interactive ads for the latest video games on the console that allow users to get free bonus items that they can use during game play when they purchase the product at participating retailers. Ranked 67 overall with 11.1 million Fans.
  20. NBA Store. The NBA has a full-featured store all inside Facebook with hundreds of items for sale and Facebook credits with purchase through the store for use with Facebook games. Ranked 120 overall with 7.9 million Fans.NBA Store on Facebook.NBA Store on Facebook.


  21. WWE Shop. WWE (wrestling) features a limited product store for browsing on Facebook and then redirect to the WWE Shop website for purchase as well as interactive Fan sweepstakes opportunities and ticket sales to WWE events. Ranked 257 overall with 4.8 million Fans.
  22. Best Buy. Featuring thousands of products to browse and share with friends by posting the product on your Facebook wall. When customers are ready to purchase, they are automatically redirected to the main Best Buy website. Ranked 587 overall with 2.7 million Fans.
  23. Vans. Vans has a full shop that can handle everything from browsing to placing items in a shopping cart but then redirects customers to the main Vans’ website for checkout. It also features videos of athletes, Vans’ event coverage and live streaming video of concerts. Ranked 793 overall with 2.1 million Fans.
  24. Old Navy. Old Navy has a large interactive catalog on Facebook that allows customers to like items and post items to their pages to share with friends. For purchase, customers are redirected to the Old Navy website outside of Facebook. Ranked 1042 overall with 1.7 million Fans.
  25. JC Penney. Similar to the NBA Store in design, JC Penney has a full interactive catalog where users can select specific items and place them in their cart and purchase them — as well as share items with friends — in Facebook. Ranked 1193 overall with 1.6 million Fans.Best Buy on Facebook.Best Buy on Facebook.


    Business News Pages

    Below are fifteen business news pages on Facebook. Stay up to date with the latest business and market data from around the world in your Facebook News Feed.

  26. The New York Times. The official Facebook page of The New York Times – it posts top stories and breaking news.
  27. The Economist. One of the most venerable financial magazines has a Facebook page with links to business articles and stories from the magazine and around the web.
  28. Financial Times. Stay current with all the latest financial news from around the world.
  29. The Wall Street Journal. Links and commentary to top Wall Street Journal breaking financial and business news.
  30. The Huffington Post. This popular news aggregator’s Facebook page has links to all the specific news sections including HuffPost Tech, local city news and HuffPost Business.
  31. Forbes. Business advice, news and analysis from Forbes magazine.
  32. Entrepreneur Magazine. Links to Entrepreneur’s coverage, interviews and advice — from its magazine.Wall Street Journal on Facebook.Wall Street Journal on Facebook.


  33. Inc. Magazine. Links to business-related articles and contests from Inc. Magazine.
  34. CNN. Cable news outlet’s social page with posts to its videos and stories online.
  35. Fox News Channel. Get the latest breaking news from this news source as well as links to all the Fox News personalities Facebook pages from Shepard Smith to Glenn Beck.
  36. NPR. World news, business analysis and coverage of arts and entertainment from NPR.
  37. Small Business Saturday. American Express sponsors this small business page as a forum for small businesses to share their stories, and celebrate their successes.
  38. Practical eCommerce. Links to all the latest in ecommerce from our very own Practical eCommerce.
  39. Internet Retailer. Web-based retail information source with links to articles from the magazine and trade show.

    Tech News Pages

    Here are nine informative tech news organization’s Facebook pages.

  40. Mashable. Links to all of Mashable’s coverage of social media, tech and digital news.
  41. Fast Company. A helpful source of information on all things innovative in tech and business from around the world.
  42. Engadget. Detailed coverage of the latest in technology, especially mobile devices.
  43. TechCrunch. The Facebook page for the ever-popular blog focused on startup businesses, web products and the latest breaking tech news.
  44. Smashing Magazine. Links to Smashing Magazine’s developer-oriented news, tips and more.
  45. Wired. Links to the popular technology and culture magazine’s articles and insights.Fast Company on Facebook.Fast Company on Facebook.


  46. Slashdot.org. For the latest news and opinion on all things tech on the web, mobile, hardware and software.
  47. Apple App Store. The latest announcements from Apple’s app store, featuring regular free apps and tips and tricks for usage of various featured apps for download.
  48. Google. The official Facebook page for Google with the latest news and product announcements.

Magento Go is Here! A Powerful SaaS Service for Small & Emerging Merchants

Posted in: Magento- Mar 21, 2011

Last month at Magento’s inaugural Imagine eCommerce Conference, Magento announced Magento Go, a new turnkey hosted service for small and emerging merchants.

Magento Go is revolutionizing eCommerce by providing a powerful eCommerce platform for quickly designing and launching an online store. It’s a fully-hosted, fully-supported PCI compliant eCommerce service you can leverage, without having to worry about complex hardware or software.


It’s available in four monthly plans to fit the specific needs of your online business. You can also sign up for a free, fully-functional 30-day trial so you can discover for yourself the power and simplicity of Magento Go.

Miva Merchant Announces Acquisition Of Hostasaurus, Inc.

Posted in: Miva Merchant- Mar 14, 2011

Acquisition merges existing hosting platforms, accounts

Miva Merchant and Hostasaurus have announced a merger of their hosting platforms and accounts under the Miva Merchant name, thereby creating the largest and most comprehensive Miva Merchant hosting infrastructure in the market today.

Former principal and co-founder of Hostasaurus, David Hubbard, has since taken over the role of Chief Information Officer of Miva Merchant and will continue to work with former principal and co-founder of Hostasaurus, Jennifer Ferraz, who is now Senior Vice President of Hosting Services.

Together, Hubbard and Ferraz will lead the Miva Merchant SaaS platform, including undertaking PCI Service Provider Certification, network architecture planning, and future infrastructure growth initiatives, as well as assuring that Miva Merchant continues the tradition of unparalleled quality and service that characterized Hostasaurus in the Miva Merchant ecommerce community.

“This was the logical next step for our platform, our community and our merchants,” says Russ Carroll, CEO of Miva Merchant. “We’re committed to offering the absolutely best ecommerce platform to our customers and that includes offering the best hosting possible to power that platform.”

“This merger allows those of us from the Hostasaurus side to focus on the underlying architecture,which is what we excel at, while providing our now-combined customer base with much more accessible and hands-on support offerings from Miva Merchant’s dedicated support team, says Miva Merchant CIO David Hubbard.”This is a real win-win for all of our customers.”

Existing Hostasaurus customers can find more information about the merger here.

About Miva Merchant

Miva Merchant offers a complete e-commerce solution consisting of PA-DSS validated shopping cart software, PCI compliant ecommerce hosting, credit card processing services and custom website design & development. Over 50,000 merchants use Miva Merchant’s highly customizable, intuitive and scalable ecommerce software. These merchants range from hand-selected boutique product stores to manufacturers directly integrating their manufacturing with distributor access and an online retail presence. To see examples of online stores running on Miva Merchant, visit http://www.mivamerchant.com/.

Contact Information:

Miva Merchant
(858) 731-4100

Important announcement for Hostasaurus customers

Posted in: Miva Merchant- Mar 10, 2011

On March 10, 2011 at the annual Miva Merchant conference in San Diego, Miva Merchant and Hostasaurus, Inc formally announced a merger between the two companies. Miva Merchant and Hostasaurus will merge their hosting platforms and accounts under the name Miva Merchant and this combination creates the largest and best Miva Merchant hosting infrastructure in the market today.

David Hubbard, former principal and co-founder of Hostasaurus, has taken over the role of Chief Information Officer of Miva Merchant and continues to work with Jennifer Ferraz, former principal and co-founder of Hostasaurus, who has taken over the role of Senior Vice President of Hosting Services.

Together David and Jen will lead the Miva Merchant SaaS platform, including undertaking the PCI Service Provider Certification, network architecture planning, future infrastructure growth initiatives as well as making sure Miva Merchant continues the tradition of unparalleled quality and service that Hostasaurus was known for in the Miva Merchant community.

Please see the below FAQs for questions you may have about these changes.

  • What prompted the merger?
  • In 2009, Miva Merchant, in partnership with Hostasaurus, launched its in-house hosting service, Miva Merchant SaaS. The success of the new hosting platform over the last two years caused Miva Merchant and Hostasaurus to agree that, going forward, the software experience of the Miva Merchant team and the hosting of Hostasaurus would best serve customers as one combined entity. Customers will have access to a large dedicated Miva Merchant support team, backed by the over ten years of Miva Merchant hosting experience of the Hostasaurus team.

  • What does this mean for my current Hostasaurus hosting account?
  • Current customers’ hosting plan prices and features will continue as-is for now. Over the coming months, customers will be upgraded to our new consolidated server control panel and Miva Merchant SaaS hosting plans which contain greater amounts of disk space and monthly traffic than their Hostasaurus counterparts. The hosting plans will be based on the current Miva Merchant hosting offerings and pricing. The migrations will be done site-by-site and customers will receive advance notice of any scheduled downtime or server changes that could impact their site.

  • How will customer support be handled?
  • During the month of March 2011, Miva Merchant’s San Diego-based support team will begin assuming support for all hosting accounts; this is the same team who has been providing support for Miva’s existing Hostasaurus-backed hosting platform, so they are already intimately familiar with Hostasaurus servers and configurations. Miva Merchant provides free telephone support seven days a week, from 7am to 7pm PST. The new joint online helpdesk will continue to be monitored at all hours 365 days a year. Starting later this summer, all customers will receive FREE access to the Miva Merchant Service Club, including monthly newsletters and free modules for your store. Telephone support will also become available 24 hours per day at the end of July.

  • How will my hosting service and site availability be effected?
  • All Hostasaurus staff have been retained and are now part of the new Miva Merchant. David and Jen will continue to oversee hosting operations, so you can be confident that the same outstanding server speed and uptime you’re accustomed to with Hostasaurus will continue on under the combined entity. There will be no changes to the location or connectivity of the Hostasaurus servers and network. Ultimately, current Hostasaurus customers will be migrated into the state-of-the-art environment the Miva Merchant SaaS hosting platform, and only the most recent Hostasaurus servers, have been deployed on.

    If you have additional questions, please email support@hostasaurus.com

WordPress 3.1, lots of fun

Posted in: Releases, WordPress- Feb 23, 2011

The long-awaited fourteenth release of WordPress is now available. WordPress 3.1 “Reinhardt” is named in honor of the jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt. Version 3.1 is available for download, or you can update from within your dashboard.

This release features a lightning fast redesigned linking workflow which makes it easy to link to your existing posts and pages, an admin bar so you’re never more than a click away from your most-used dashboard pages, a streamlined writing interface that hides many of the seldom-used panels by default to create a simpler and less intimidating writing experience for new bloggers (visit Screen Options in the top right to get old panels back), and a refreshed blue admin scheme available for selection under your personal options.

There’s a bucket of candy for developers as well, including our new Post Formats support which makes it easy for themes to create portable tumblelogs with different styling for different types of posts, new CMS capabilities like archive pages for custom content types, a new Network Admin, an overhaul of the import and export system, and the ability to perform advanced taxonomy and custom fields queries.

With the 3.1 release, WordPress is more of a CMS than ever before. The only limit to what you can build is your imagination.

(No video yet for 3.1, we’re going to add it later.)

By the Numbers

There were over two thousand commits to the codebase in the 3.1 cycle! For a more comprehensive look at everything that has improved in 3.1, check out 3.1’s Codex page or the more than 820 closed issues in Trac.

Now is the time to drop by our development channels if you are interested in being involved with 3.2, as the agenda will be under discussion shortly. We’re hoping to get the 3.2 release out in a shorter development cycle (3.1 took too long) and include some fun improvements around plugins and the speed of the admin. (Don’t worry, we’re still planning on using PHP.)

We’re All in This Together

WordPress is the result of the combined effort of people from all over the world united with a common goal: to make the best darn web software for publishing your story on the web and sharing it with the world. Here is a list of the more than 180 people who helped out with development during the 3.1 cycle:

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Magento stable released today

Posted in: Magento, Releases- Feb 09, 2011

Major Highlights


  • Added Payflow Link using HSS (Hosted Sole Solution)
  • Balance Response, Partial Authorization Transactions, Authorization Reversals Support for MasterCard and Discover with Authorize.net
  • 3D Secure Authentication for Authorize.net payment method
  • Authorize.Net SIM payment method
  • Improved Import/Export functionality
  • Ability to order composite products from backend including:
    – reconfigure already added products on front end
    – adding preconfigured products in wish-list
  • Alternative media storage options
    – Database. Note: Due to a design flaw we are removing alternative image storage feature from this release. It will be redesigned and released in our upcoming releases.
    – CDN
  • Order status management
    – ability to add new status and assign to some state
    – statuses now stored in DB table instead of configuration file
  • Ability to edit order addresses for an existing order
    – this functionality admin has link to edit address for order view page
  • Magento Mobile included in base packaging
  • Included new Magento Connect Manager 2



  • Implemented Environment emulation in core email class
    – Added Emulation model.
    – Added Email Info and Email Template Mailer models.
    – Re-factored sendEmail() and sendUpdateEmail() methods of order, credit memo, invoice and shipment models.
  • Added App Previewer for Android and iPad in XmlConenect
  • Upgraded Zend Framework to 1.11.1
  • Implemented new process of hashing parameters in Ogone payment method
    – implemented an advanced hashing method that invokes all transaction parameters for building security hash
    – updated fields sort order in system configuration
    – added the new parameter which designates whether to use the old or advanced hashing method
    – made SHA-IN and SHA-OUT sys config parameter titles corresponding to parameter titles on merchant site in Ogone
    – major refactoring of the Ogone helper: simplified public interface of hash validation, added support for SHA-1, SHA-256 and SHA-512 algorithms (not selectable in system config)
    – optimized performance of debugging and building redirect form: removed 2 excessive calls (one from template, another from debugging – it invoked form building even if debugging was disabled)
    – since the form is built from a block, prevented injecting SID parameter to URLs when building form
    – added HTML escaping in the template hidden fields
    – added new system configuration parameter – hashing algorithm
    – verified/fixed all API hashing parameters in accordance to documentation v.5.0
  • Fixed several memory leaks in product model. Added tool method clear() to clean object data and references to this object
  • Implemented Order payment action for PayPal
    Implemented SOAP Api calls for shopping cart
  • Phoenix_Moneybookers improvements:
    – updated payment logo images
    – added “Maestro” and “Online Bank Transfer” payment methods into Moneybookers group
    – wrapped Moneybookers payment logo title and alt text on payment selection text into translation calls



  • Paypal HSS payment method label, comment and default title



  • Fixed User cannot place order using Paypal payment methods with 3d secure
  • Fixed iPhone product list preview
  • Fixed App locations (countries) do not match iTunes App Stores countries available
  • Fixed Added parent quote items to discount calculation to prevent skipping of configurable products.
  • Fixed Rounding issue on front end if discount with fixed amount is applied and no tax rules applies to the order.
    – added rounding item discount before take away from total discount
  • Fixed Fatal error after deleting one of the shipping addresses during checkout with multiple addresses
  • Fixed Merged CSS files with selected native Database as media storage are not applied with Chrome and FF
    – first trying to detect MIME type manually, and only after by native php function
  • Fixed The buttons “Accept Payment” and “Deny Payment” do not appear in orders with status ‘Payment Review’
  • Fixed issue when Simple products not visible individually (part of grouped) are moved to Wishlist
  • Fixed Impossible to delete product from Items Ordered (backend Order creation) using “remove” in Action dropdown
  • Fixed Fatal error after deleting one of the shipping addresses during checkout with multiple addresses
  • Fixed Qty for simple products (part of grouped) is incorrect when moved from order to Wishlist
    – additional fixture for other testcase
  • Fixed Grouped product is added to Items Ordered as grouped, when any of buttons in sideblocks is pressed after product configuration in a product grid (backend Order creation)
    – prevent to add unconfigured grouped product on server side
    – in sales.js, do productConfigure.clean(’quote_items’) only if “Items Ordered” block is going to update
    – in sales.js, hide “Search” block only when product added to qoute from “Search” block
    – in configure.js, added ability to cleaning by list type scope
  • Fixed Incorrect behavior of Partial Authorization process, when admin user cancels authorizations (Authorize.net)
    – added reloading block ‘totals’ after canceling partial authorization
  • Fixed Google Checkout Issue – Transactions not appearing
    – adding transaction (transaction id = google order id) for googlecheckout payment
    – fixed usage of Mage_GoogleCheckout_Model_Api_Xml_Callback::_getTaxClassForShipping() method according to it’s interface
    – fixed usage of Mage_GoogleCheckout_Model_Api_Xml_Abstract::_getTaxClassForShipping() method according to it’s interface
    – creating transactions for refund and chargeback
  • Fixed Missed index on sales.order table
  • Fixed Price for composite products in a products grid on Order creation page
  • Fixed Status of Order is now doesn’t ignore the setting in Config for AUTH_AND_CAPTURE orders.
  • Fixed Unable to install extension using MCM for CE
  • Fixed Rounding error
  • Fixed Preview iFrame of iPhone recieve error message
    – wrap images manipulations with try-catch (in controller)
    – alert the catched error message when preview is loaded
  • Fixed Most product attibutes not exporting
  • Fixed Removed error message on new orders payd by PayflowLink with “complete” status (like on virtual products)
  • Fixed Behavior when customer changes billing/shipping address and/or changes items in cart, etc having started Partial Authorization
    – added chopping cart`s and address checksum checking for partial authorization process
  • Fixed Moving composite products from shopping cart to wishlist does not work
    – fixed error handling – added catching and processing, so in case of errors only item with error will not be moved
    – fixed wishlist items to get right storeId (by passing product, and not productId)
  • Fixed Rounding issue (1 cent) appears on Tax Calculation Method Based On = Row
  • Fixed category/product image resizing
    – Image sizes for Ipad has been changed
    – Re-Factored: Application model call has been changed to helper method for all old calls
  • Fixed Only check money payment at standard chechout process receive success
  • Fixed Edit fonts configuration for iPad
    Added iPad preview should illustrate tabs’ state.
    – Made separate icons
    – Active/inactive logic added
    – Added custom fonts for rating color customization
    – Fixed positions for the icons
    – Removed icons labels
    – “i”-icon should always be on screen (currently it becomes hidden after making “information”-tab inactive)
  • Fixed Review collection need to sort with the latest added review
  • Fixed XML Connect – Incorrect help link in Push Notification page
  • Fixed API Certificate Based Authentication Used default signature value instead of the Certificate value
  • Fixed XML Connect – Design page – Ipad backgrounds issue
  • Fixed “Ship to different address” is not applied with IE8 with any payment method
  • Fixed Added skipping delta in shipping calculation on free shipping
  • Fixed Incorrect behavior of Gift Options popup for bundle product on backend Order View page. No ability to close popup
  • Fixed Rounding issue (1 cent) appears on discount applied and Tax Calculation Method Based On = Row
  • Fixed Add landscape mode background for Android and update information for portrait mode background
    – changed to ,
    – changed all to for correctly image resizings,
    – same for Icon,
    – added orientation divisions for Android devices,
    – fixed wrong spelled word “Portret” onto “Portrait” for iPad’s config tags
    – Image resize method has been changed
    – backround getter method fixed
  • Fixed Tax rates export doesn’t work
  • Fixed Incorrect downloader version in footer
    Changed default title for HSS payment method
  • Fixed Rounding issue on credit memos/invoices causing different totals in magento and 1 cent error on paypal
    – added adjustment for invoice`s subtotal_incl_tax and base_subtotal_incl_tax if invoice is last invoice of order
  • Fixed Added setting of store id in payment method instance on Authorize.net partial authorization cancel from admin place.
  • Fixed Fix Android preview area
    – Added custom fonts
    – Fixed header icons borders
    – Fixed button border on homepage
    – Added custom color declaration
  • Fixed Tabs dont affect second preview screen for Android mobile application
  • Fixed Incorrect design for Android mobile application in IE8
    Added update Preview Area for iPad
    – Fixed incorrect design for Ipad mobile application in IE8
    – added stars custom fonts for landscape mode
    – Fixed wrong positioning of the icons in landscape mode
  • Fixed Double use Authorize.net Partial Authorization Multicard with 46225 zip in one order causes wrong checkout behavior
  • Fixed Using MCM 2.0 shell script produces warnings and doesn’t work correctly
  • Fixed Labels for composite products (backend) are shown incorrect
  • Fixed Ability to Refund the already refunded item in Patial Invoice
    – added qty`s limits into creating creditmemo functionality
  • Fixed Performance issue with big amount of tax rates
  • Fixed Notice error in system.xml after saving PayPal configuration
  • Fixed No Qty column in the Wishlist sideblock
  • Fixed Export functionality doesn’t work
  • Fixed Maestro International CC number has no validation
    – use “Switch/Maestro” instead of “Maestro (International)”
  • Fixed No transactions is created, no ability to perform Invoice, when Order, which contains Gift Options, is placed from backend with Authorize.net Direct Post payment method
  • Fixed Moving Grouped product from Order and Shopping cart to the Wishlist does not work
  • Fixed Added advice block hiding on synchronize process
  • Fixed Database as cache backend
    – fix for MySQL 4. Shorten field lengthes
  • Fixed Improvemets for MCM and Magento Extension Packager after MCMUP
  • Fixed PayPal Standard with specific tax settings for shop cart item with qty >= 2
  • Fixed Wrong tax calculation for bundle products
  • Fixed Export Filters are not working correctly during export of customers
  • Fixed Unable to complete several partial online refunds with Authorize.net Direct Post
  • Fixed Disable Mage_Checkout did not remove My Cart & Checkout links in the Top Link
  • Fixed An error occurs with using Payflo Link payment method and IE8
    – just small fixture of strange for user popup in IE – “Do you want to see only secure content?”
  • Fixed Price for composite products in a products grid on Order creation page
  • Fixed No error message appears if execute synchronization with non-existing DB
  • Fixed “Configure” link in Product grid (backend) does not work (only IE)
  • Fixed “Void” button must not be active on the invoice with amount captured on-line
    – redefined methods canVoid for Express and Direct Paypal models – hiding button void for invoice and creditmemo
    – redefined methods cancel for Express and Direct Paypal models – no checking for invoices for order to decide void it or not at cancel.
  • Fixed Dropdown for Amount is absent (only IE)
    – create new JS method that preserves visibility states of selects in pop-up block
  • Fixed Status of Order is now doesn’t ignore the setting in Config.
  • Fixed Incorrect behavior of AJAX-popup for Gift Options (Individual Item) in IE8
  • Fixed to show full review for the iPad device
    – added checking the current app’s device type is not iPad and in this case the text of the review is truncated;
    – replaced TABs on spaces in helper’s class
    – Re-factored XmlConnect helperfor unknown device type
  • Fixed xmlconnect/catalog/product action returns invalid html for product’s description
    – added an “xml” tag before DOCTYPE definition
  • Fixed wrong using of translation in method getElementHtml()
  • Fixed update Preview Area for iPad
  • Fixed Missed active/Inactive tabs logic added for a preview
  • Fixed Selecting catalog as a price rule condition redirects you on dashboard
    – check if post array values are integers > 0
  • Fixed “Go to notifications” link works improperly
  • Fixed Unable to complete several partial online refunds with Authorize.net Direct Post
  • Fixed “Set Products as New to Date” is not working in Catalog New Products List widget
  • Fixed Mage_Adminhtml_Block_Media_Uploader::getUploaderUrl() generates incorrect path if magento is installed in a sub-directory within the root one
  • Fixed Now in Admin in System->TransactionalEmails all filters are saved to session.
  • Fixed Tax discrepancy between Tax Report and Order Report
  • Fixed PayPal Standard with specific tax settings for shop cart item with qty >= 2
  • Fixed Incorrect hint for non-configured product in Order on backend
  • Fixed Flush Cache Storage alert text is now changed to: “Cache storage may contain additional data. Are you sure that you want flush it?”
  • Fixed “Read Details” link is present in the message about synchronization status
    – removed read details link from rows which have not url
  • Fixed Mage_Catalog_Model_Product::setFinalPrice() doesn’t return its class instance for chaining purposes.
    – fixed interface erroneously changed in
    – fixed erroneous phpDoc
  • Fixed First Checkout by registered Customer: First Name and Last name fields are empty
  • Fixed Error with addlisttype.phtml in system log
    – Removed not deleted layout block that was forgotten after rev 90337 with fix for MAGE-1955
  • Fixed Changes in UI for Order Status Management
  • Fixed Catalog Price Rule is not applied
    – Added Mage_CatalogRule_Model_Rule::applyAllRulesToProduct()
  • Fixed Admin order creation – Unable to delete product from the cart
    – fixed showing giftmessage options template, when no grid items are present
    – fixed updating quote items and giftmessage items when backend receives wrong item id – now it doesn’t fail with exception, but process it gracefully
  • Fixed With IE6 impossible to configure a Composite product in Backend
  • Fixed Message for non-configured composite product is changed after pressing “Update Items and Qty’s”
  • Fixed Option “Order” on Payment Action dropdown must be available only for Express Checkout method
    – Removed extra spaces in system.xml.
  • Fixed With IE8 an error occurs after applying the second time Credit Card in Admin panel with 3D Secure and partial authorization (Authorize.net)
    – moved embedded gift options FORM tag out of other main FORM tag (such invalid layout broke DOM in IE)
    – refactored JS-scripts, moved static to static files
    – removed not used old js-file
  • Fixed Products are erased from “Product Ordered” report after deleting them
  • Fixed Incorrect behavior of Reorder action applied to Order, that contains Gift Options
  • Fixed When adding several configurable products at one time to Items Ordered from product grid, only last remains specified configuration (admin Order creation)
    – restored JS-initing for controls on each popup show (was erroneously removed at rev 86017)
    – fixed Configurable javascript so it won’t interfere with other products controls on page
  • Fixed Incorrect transaction and Partial Refunds behavior with WPP Hosted Solution, when Order is partially invoiced
  • Fixed Hint for “View Details” in the Wishlist is located incorrectly
  • Fixed Onepage checkout – Shipping address issues
  • Fixed Tax Rate = 0% displayed in Cart
    – display (0%) in rate title
  • Fixed Magento Backend performance optimization
  • Fixed Creating Purchase orders from backend works incorrect (IE)
  • Fixed Moving simple products (part of grouped) from shopping cart to order does not work
  • Fixed Payment Applicable From = “Specific Countries” option does not work for Express Checkout (Payflow Edition)
  • Fixed Cannot place Order in backend with Authorize.net Direct Post, when settings for payment method is applied on a Website scope level
  • Fixed SOAP don’t use store for select products collection
    – Change setting the store into filter
  • Fixed “Synchronize” button is disabled if select native database twice
    – modified storage full name generation and button state check
  • Fixed Wrong algorithm to determine whether product can be configured (Composite Products feature)
    – removed used method isComposite() from canConfigure() method
  • Fixed Missing nobr around date in Customer Product Reviews table
  • Fixed Status of Order, which is paced with Authorize.net Direct Post (Payment Action = Authorization) is incorrect
  • Fixed Added base_total_refunded field to invoice table
  • Fixed “Flush External Page Cache” does not work
  • Fixed Database as cache backend
  • Fixed Selecting products in Wishlist (backend) redirects you on dashboard
    – Fixed searching by product names and days in wishlist
    – Removed ‘Visible In’ column, because it showed same values as ‘Added from’
    – Fixed ‘Added from’ column to show real values, not some erroneous ‘All Visible Stores’
    – Fixed sorting by product name and days in wishlist
  • Fixed Only “Library Mail” works for USPS
  • Fixed The “MY WISHLIST” link always shows quantity of line items in the Wishlist and never the real quantity of items
    – fix for case when out of stock products are not shown on frontend
  • Fixed Wrong behavior of Varien_Data_Collection_Db::_getConditionSql
  • Fixed Incorrect shipping tax calculation on invoice creditmemos with included tax
    – Rounding of shipment taxes was added
  • Fixed Impossible save empty values for store view scope
    – Remove store_id from EAV module and move all store functionality into catalog module.
  • Fixed Wrong tax calculation for bundle products
  • Fixed File configuration dialog is not closed when pressing ‘Ok’ button
    – additional fix of backend Customer functionality for IE8 to eliminate JS errors
  • Fixed Product creation -> Necessary validation for SKU field
  • Fixed Link “Gift Options” is not shown in Items Ordered grid of create Order page, when “Allow Gift Messages for Order Items” is set to “No”
    – considering design html at right place
    – removed useless variable from observer
  • Fixed Price for composite products in a products grid on Order creation page
  • Fixed Tax from orders in status pending presents in Tax Report
  • Fixed Catalog Price Rule is not applied
  • Fixed Incorrect tax summary for partial credit memos/invoices
  • Fixed Order success page is not displayed after placing Order using Website Payments Pro Hosted Solution method
    – now, return and cancel urls can be secure (https)
  • Fixed Problems with newsletter template preview on newsletter queue edit page
  • Fixed Link “configure” is inactive for downloadable products in product grid on Order creation page in backend
  • Fixed A system error message is missing for cases when media storage synchronization is complete or an error occurred
    – output messages for notifications edited
  • Fixed Incorrect price calculation for bundle product during backend order creation(Tax is doubles in Total)
  • Fixed Gift Options tab is present on product page for virtual product types
  • Fixed Magento Backend performance optimization
  • Fixed Gift Message for Individual Item prompt is shown in AJAX-popup, although “Allow Gift Messages for Order Items” is disabled
  • Fixed Unable to change customer password when email confirmation is enabled
  • Fixed Incorrect tax calculation for Tax Calculation Method Based On = Unit Price and Catalog Prices = Including Tax
  • Fixed “Preferred State” for extensions is not working
  • Fixed Total amount is not recounted, when customer cancels the Gift Options during OnePageCheckout
  • Fixed In “Gift options” AJAX popup “OK” button written incorrectly
  • Fixed No address autocomplete while admin order create with single store
    – fixes due to unnecessary AJAX calls
  • Fixed Information about Gift Options is not stored, when admin user performs Edit Order action in backend
  • Fixed Gift column should be removed from product grid
  • Fixed SKU validation error on creating products
  • Fixed Shipped order has status “Processing” if invoice has been posted with “Not Capture” and amount was later captured on paypal side.
    – considering online and offline capture amout when checking if capture is final
    – trailing white spaces removed
  • Fixed Link to file from downloadable product is not available after authorize and capture payment action via Authorize.net
    – Link management observer call methods are moved to save_commit_after events (for order and its item respectively) instead of save_after events
  • Fixed Price for product with file custom options in Wishlist is calculated incorrect
    – Added ability to use special price templates for displaying wishlist items (as they can be partially/fully configured and catalog price template doesn’t support it)
    – Added default template, that shows configured price in addition to default clean product price
  • Fixed Cross-sells products disappears after adding another products to shopping cart
  • Fixed Price for composite products in a products grid on Order creation page
  • Fixed No ability to delete item from Wishlist by specifying Qty = 0 and click on Update Wishlist
  • Fixed Do not hide ajax loader on ‘Place order’ step on onepage checkout when customer selected PayflowLink payment method until PayPal iframe will be loaded
  • Fixed Admin reorder with bundle item cause wrong qty of simple products
  • Fixed Incorrect bundle product price and bundle items Qty count during the process of Admin Order creation
  • Fixed When bundle item is configured in that way, when it cannot have User defined quantity, Qty field remains editable in AJAX-popup
  • Fixed “UPS XML” allowed methods bug
  • Fixed Mage_Page_Block_Template_Links_Block::$_afterText is never used
  • Fixed No configuration popup for Grouped products in admin backend new order creation
    – the problem was in sales.js during parsing currency from price cell. In case when no price was present in cell the JS exception occurs. So it was needed to determine currency symbol in other way. And it way was in sets this.currencySymbol in AdminOrder class when order obj initialization or when current currency is switched.
    – small fix in grouped.phtml and giftcatd.phtml: set additioal attributes for price calculation
    – small fix in configure.js: using parameter listType instead of this.current.listType in _requestItemConfiguration method
    – small fix in sales.js: do overall popup cleaning by productConfigure.clean() for each loadArea calling
  • Fixed When bundle item is configured in that way, when it cannot have User defined quantity, Qty field remains editable in AJAX-popup
  • Fixed Customer data not saved when returning to cart and back to checkout
  • Fixed Bad sku value for non-configured bundle in Create New Order at admin backend
  • Fixed Integrity Constraint Violation in Mage_Catalog_Model_Resource_Eav_Mysql4_Product_Indexer_Price::_prepareWebsiteDateTable
  • Fixed URL Rewrite Exeption
  • Fixed Menu “Catalog-Manage Products-Gift Options” have incorrect design and wrong position in menu list:
  • Fixed Displaying Out of Stock Products on the front-end.
  • Fixed Incorrect shipping tax calculation on invoice creditmemos with included tax
  • Fixed Cannot login to backend while notify “This is a required field.” is present
    – There was JS error, invisible due to try-catch construction. Fixed
  • Fixed Authorize.net invoice capture.
    – Do not capture/refund/void transaction if transaction has been captured/voided in authorize.net panel
  • Fixed Inadequate URL in Moneybookers eWallet “More Info” Link
  • Fixed It is impossible to export products using the new Export module
  • Fixed Tax Rate = 0% displayed in Cart
  • Fixed Unable to specify quantites for bundle items in AJAX-popup, when selection of bundle items is provided using radiobuttons
  • Fixed Incorrect style tables in customer confirmation email. For orders with Authorize.net payment method
    – fixed incorrect styling in customer confirmation email;
    – simplified styling on admin order page
  • Fixed Cron job dispatcher incorrectly releases locks
  • Fixed Incorrect items number in “MY WISHLIST” after updated quantity in the Wishlist
    – Added new configuration option “Display Wishlist Summary” in System -> Configuration -> Customers -> Wishlist section
    – Removed quantity information from wishlist frontend page
  • Fixed Update compare list after delete one item
  • Fixed No hint for disabled “Configure” button
  • Fixed In Bundle product’s page “Availability” string is not placed well
  • Fixed Non-correct headers uses for email return-path.
  • Fixed Numerous issued with displaying tax on front-end for bundled items
  • Fixed Impossible save empty values for store view scope
  • Fixed Non-correct headers uses for email return-path.
    – Added “-f” parameter to transport instance at Mage_Core_Model_Email_Template::send() like PHP mail() needs
  • Fixed Do not hide ajax loader on ‘Place order’ step on onepage checkout when customer selected PayflowLink payment method until PayPal iframe will be loaded
  • Fixed Order can be placed with non-configured composite product in Ordered Items
  • Fixed Using “Update Wishlist” adds quantity to existing value even nothing wasn’t changed
  • Fixed Cannot open menu configuration-general-design
  • Fixed Added backend design exception model
  • Fixed The options in the action dropdown for export are incorrectly labeled in the Sales section
  • Fixed Checking if address exists was added before save addresses attributes (to prevent foreign key error in case of two users were logged in under one account in the same time).
  • Fixed URL rewrite algorithm was changed: fix for permanent link for old URLs.
  • Fixed Incorrect number of used card is shown after you have returned to ‘Shopping Cart’ in partial authorization (Authorize.Net)
  • Fixed In one page checkout incorrect information for declined card is shown for partial authorization(Authorize.Net)
  • Fixed Bundle products shoved without options
  • Fixed Instructions on the Payflow Link Configuration Menu
  • Fixed rate model checks rate to existence in rule before delete action
  • Fixed store name ‘Demo Store’ was changes to variable with real store name var store.getFrontendName()
  • Fixed Place order does not work with free shipping
  • Fixed possibility to find product in advanced search with from-to price is 0 was fixed
  • Fixed FPT with prices included tax problem
  • Fixed Instable work of back-end notification
    – For now pop-up window doesn’t go to our side. Flash availability check is removed
    – little refactoring
    – method Mage_AdminNotification_Helper_Data::isReadablePopupObject() marked as deprecated
  • Fixed Onepage checkout – Shipping address issues
    – added resetting property to save billing address in address book
    – added saving of new shipping address
    – simplified condition in order preparation routine
  • Fixed Backordered Item Status on Orders
    – saving current ordered items number for stock item and calculating backorder qty according to it
  • Fixed The product category is empty after moving category with products to another one
  • Fixed Magento Connect -> If substitute channel for package extension, MCM will send authorization data to the fake URL
  • Fixed Image Label is not Uploading properly
  • Fixed Category Tree -> Changing category color
  • Fixed With enabled “Inline Translation” its impossible to finish purchase
    – Added checking for escaped html end tag
  • Fixed #0024559: Special Price to Date can not set Use Default Value
  • Fixed CMS -> Manage Pages: It’s possible to save New Page with capital letters in URL key
    – corrected js validation;
    – added server-side url key validation.
  • Fixed Makeup of subcategories dropdown menu at front-end glitter with category fields bar
    – removed property “z-index: 1” for #nav li.level-top
    Revert changes from rev #83486
  • Fixed Tier prices are not recalculated in bundle product configuration with different currency
  • Fixed On Multi store installation, ‘specials’ rss feed includes specials from other stores
  • Fixed Subscribe to Order Status – translation problem
  • Fixed There is a spelling error with the translation
  • Fixed Single Coupon applying for each shipping location rather than whole order
    – applying cart fixed rules for first shipping address order only
    – store which quote address cart fixed rule was applied for in SalesRule_Model_Validator
    Added method getDefaultCountry and constant XML_PATH_DEFAULT_COUNTRY into Mage_Core_Helper_Data
    Added more abstract system config backend model for uploading files:
    – removed duplicated logic from system config backend image model.
  • Fixed Grand total doubles when processing multi-shipping checkout and ordinary checkout
    – cleaning address information when checkout type changes from multi-shipping to onepage
  • Fixed Problem with admin roles
    Checkout page IE6/7 CSS bug fixed.
  • Fixed Edit product->“Inventory” tab – “Qty Increments” error contain mistake
  • Fixed No field for “Search Query”
  • Fixed Character “b” is added to Review
  • Fixed Retain the selected tab on editing CMS page
  • Fixed Invoices Tax class not displayed
  • Fixed Full tax summary on invoice
  • Fixed working with partial authorizations on first card submit
  • Fixed CMS can’t create Hierarchy Node Link widget in IE8
  • Fixed The Wrong / not exist Url should be redirect to 404 page
  • Fixed Interface Locale needs additional country
  • Fixed The product category is empty after moving category with products to another one
  • Fixed ‘Gateway error: A valid amount is required’ appears during create Credit Memo for order, which uses Authorize.net
  • Fixed #19807: Product with visibility- Nowhere display on the fron-end in ‘Last ordered items’ block, if order create on back-end
  • Fixed Displaying Out of Stock Products on the front-end
    – added price data for consider item stock status for wish-list and compare products items collections, in reorder for product collection which sales order item collection based on.
  • Fixed active tabs in store view scope while disabled PayPal methods
    – Added functionality that disables corresponding methods in store view scope.
    – Fixed related bug: in website view scope Express Checkout PE checkbox appears improperly checked after page load.
  • Fixed Active tabs in store view scope while disabled PayPal methods
  • Fixed Bundle price wrong when static qty above 1
  • Fixed No “Suspected Fraud” status for hacked orders
  • Fixed PayPal API Certificate uses settings from the default configuration, instead of the website
  • Fixed Don’t show (-) in totals when shipping title and shiping method empty in a configuration
  • Fixed Product with price 0.00 possibility purchase through Shortcut PayPal button
  • Fixed Archived orders not displayed in customer’s orders list
  • Fixed Fatal error on magento compilation
  • Fixed Mage::app() call is not overriding cache/var directories
  • Fixed After switching “Manage Stock” option, product prices index does not invalidate
  • Fixed Transfer Cart Line: dropdown with shipping Rates is absent on PayPal side
  • Fixed Can’t choose Group at the creation new Order by admin
  • Fixed PayPal API Certificate uses settings from the default configuration, instead of the website
    – added forgotten file from rev 84979
  • Fixed Bug in Error Message display for Send to Friend (Mage_Sendfriend_ProductController)
  • Fixed Admin order creation JS error message
  • Fixed Problems with category sort order
  • Fixed Button “Credit Memo” after refund partial per invoice is enabled
  • Fixed Report don’t show order with status “Canceled”
  • Fixed Wrong quantity checks architecture in inventory observer
  • Fixed On page 404, link “go back” does not work
  • Fixed Category editing “Use Parent Category Settings” inconsistent behavior (Google Chrome)
  • Fixed Set products per Page
  • Fixed product review filter by customer does not work
    – type is administrator when customer_id is NULL and store_id is admin store id
  • Fixed Product review filter by customer does not work
  • Fixed WYSIWYG Editor disabling issue
  • Fixed Quantity increment for Group Product Issue
  • Fixed #15780: Add configuration option to ignore SID on frontend
    – Changed fieldset scope from global to website, because the field has website scope.
  • Fixed Message “The product has required options” appears twice in the back-end order for items with mandatory custom options
  • Fixed Meta description can be more than 255 chars
  • Fixed When creating a new customer from the backend in “Manage Customers”, the welcome email is empty
  • Fixed Image Label is not Uploading properly
    – Slightly changed logic in adding image algorithms due to possible existence of added pictures
  • Fixed JavaScript Calendar Date Range
    – Also little fix to maintain corporate standards
  • Fixed Gift message displaying conditions not properly work on frontend and backend:
  • Fixed flat catalog tables do not contain varchar values for store view level
  • Fixed Add check “Use Default” for dependent form elements (in the admin), because if field “Use Default” it should be always disabled.
  • Fixed #21084: “can not” -> “cannot” text changes (found only one occurrence of “can not” and changed it)
  • Fixed New added required attribute should be filled in by customer before checkout
  • Fixed PayPal Billing Agreement presents in payment methods when no BA are created during admin order creation
  • Fixed Free Shipping Banner appears to be hard coded into the template file – replaced hardcoded callouts with CNS blocks. Two CMS blocks should be added to RR install.
  • Fixed Empty order status field
    – Configuration mistake
  • Fixed Cart Rule discount with Fixed amount for a whole Cart is not applied for OnePageCheckout
  • Fixed Coupon with “Apply fixed amount discount for whole cart” does not apply to bundle products with dynamic price
  • Fixed Frontend additional attributes issue with price attributes.
  • Fixed Unable to translate “Submit Invoice” button
  • Fixed Undefined index after clicking on Print Shipment
  • Fixed Customer cannot be confirmed from the admin
  • Fixed Inline Translations don’t work if you have more than one store
  • Fixed Invitation link has a session ID parameter
  • Fixed Magento creates order even if response from PaypalUk is empty
    – response validation has been added
  • Fixed Displaying Out of Stock Products on the front-end
  • Fixed Incorrect billing/shipping address transfer from magento to PayPal (WPP Payflow Edition, WPP Payflow Edition EC )
  • Fixed User cannot be associated with webservice role if he was selected in the Role Users of Role inforamation Page
  • Fixed CSS Merger Cache Ignores Hostname and HTTPS
    – removed “beta” mark on CSS merger feature in system configuration, because known issue with different host names for different store views is solved
    – split merged CSS storage into 2 parts: “css” and “css_secure”
    – included “port” and “base host name” parameters into merger hash generation algorithm as parameters
  • Fixed: Default country setting not affect country select field default value on frontend
  • Fixed Credit card data Iframe for PayflowLink is displayed on Order Review step for all payment methods
  • Fixed The Wrong / not exist Url should be redirect to 404 page
    – Added section availability in preDispatch
  • Fixed Report > Products Ordered ignores Store view switcher
    – reforming $storeIds checks
  • Fixed Report > Products Ordered ignores Store view switcher
  • Fixed Cannot create or save after editing customer’s Address, “Please enter the street” error appears on frontend
  • Fixed Magento allows admin to create category/product url rewrite for a store that doesn’t have this category/product
    – Showing websites that only associated to current category or product.
  • Fixed Magento allows admin to create category/product url rewrite for a store that doesn’t have this category/product
    – Fixed coding standards
  • Fixed Not all session data destroyed on logout
  • Fixed Inline Translation – Pages View Issue
    – move cache types list in config
  • Fixed Security issue – processing of disallowed actions with orders through direct URL
    – wrong Credit Memo ACL resource name
  • Fixed Different order amount in Google checkout and Magento orders
  • Fixed Bundle Product w/o required option calculates wrong fixed minimal price
  • Fixed Admin unable to uninstall payment method without editing config
    – getMethodInstance method was rewrited
    – Added instance check in some payment models according to this
  • Fixed lastInsertId invokes when no insert where proceed
  • Fixed Changing the root category for a store doesn’t work correctly
  • Fixed Unable to translate notice messages, errors and success messages
  • Fixed Problems with newsletter template preview on newsletter queue edit page
  • Fixed Tax of shipping method Flat Rate is not passed to the order while Google Checkout
  • Fixed Product Flat Data reindex
    – disable flat data usage during reindex process
  • Fixed Catalog Rule does not work properly when condition uses Contains
  • Fixed Wrong prices (currency) for shipping price via UPS XML rates
  • Fixed Unable to translate product edit/create page
  • Fixed During product save operation, Magento disables keys for catalog_product_index_* tables.
  • Fixed FPT with prices included tax problem
    – Added ‘Catalog Prices’ option check
  • Fixed Google Analytics e-commerce tracking not working
  • Fixed Empty bundle selections are shown as item options
  • Fixed Subtotal for Bundle product with quantity 2 calculates as for one
  • Fixed Remove initSessionLayoutMessages() from ProductController
  • Fixed Incorrect value of field “Custom Layout Update” causes fatal error
  • Fixed Duplicate of a product creates it with no SKU value and is saved
  • Fixed Field “Meta Description” should be has limit of 255 characters
  • Fixed Row subtotal is not displayed for Downloadable product in Backend
  • Fixed Bad styling of product options displayed in wishlist
  • Fixed Need to show item options of customer shopping cart at backend
  • Fixed Wishlist item configuration is not saved at backend
  • Fixed “OK” button instead of “Ok” must be on product configuration popups in backend
  • Fixed Products wishlist items are not sorted by added_at
  • Fixed Mage_Core_Model_Template doesn’t properly restore old design context
  • Fixed StoreView value not in FlatCatalog for multiple-select type attribute
  • Fixed Rule condition “is one of” disappeared for category_ids attribute
    – Added “is one of” and “is not one of” to multiselect type conditions
  • Fixed Security issue – the way to get URL-path of Admin side through Front-end URL
  • Fixed Pictures does not appears on the additional information tab on front end for product attribute with Catalog Input Type for Store Owner= Text Area
  • Fixed Add method which was accidentally removed
    – Deprecated methods Mage_Catalog_Model_Product::loadParentProductIds, Mage_Catalog_Model_Resource_Eav_Mysql4_Product::getParentProductIds
  • Fixed Can’t create refund online for Google Chekout
  • Fixed After pressing ‘Cancel Payment’ link nothing happens in Payflow Link payment method
  • Fixed class Mage_Core_Model_Store has problem with _processConfigValue and processSubst
    – Added “@deprecated after” mark for processSubst() in Mage_Core_Model_Store
  • Fixed Category tree is missing for product, assigned to root category
  • Fixed Unable to translate “Delete Image” checkbox
  • Fixed wrong XML paths in isAllowed() method for system->Admin roles controllers.
  • Fixed Magento falls into the white screen when saving URL rewrite for a product on the Default Store View
    – Changed exception message
  • Fixed Different shipping amount for creditmemo from order page and invoice page
  • Fixed Tax rates with zip ranges doesn’t match to addresses with asterisk ( * ) as zip code value
  • Fixed Fedex doesn’t react to overrided in website scope BaseCurrency value.
  • Fixed Export Customers. Map billing or shipping street in the mapping interface. They won’t be exported
  • Fixed Advanced Import Profiles doesn’t work
  • Fixed Add New Customer Form: checkbox “Send Welcome Email” is not disabled if “Associate to Website”=”Admin”
  • Fixed JS validation prevent submit form
  • Fixed Payment action: Ogone Default Operation is not working at all
  • Fixed There are no ability to create several Refunds to Order completed using Partial Authorization
  • Fixed Incorrect shipping tax calculation on invoice creditmemos with included tax
  • Fixed URL key wasn’t used while product save
  • Fixed Inline Translations don’t work if you have more than one store
  • Fixed Tax Report Shows Wrong Tax Percent After Changing Tax Rate
    – added grouping by tax percent in report collections
    – modified unique key in the tax report aggregation table to allow generating report with grouping by tax percents
    – data in the tax report aggregation table is truncated and lifetime statistics must be re-generated after upgrade
  • Fixed make increment_id fields unique in sales tables
  • Fixed Added items to the Wishlist in the “Manage Shopping Cart” are not shown
  • Fixed Orders: More than one filter to the same field is not possible
    – Function items was changed.
  • Fixed Invoices: More than one filter to the same field is not possible
    – Function items was changed.
  • Fixed Report counts configurable products twice
  • Fixed Tax rate with ZIP XXXXX* doesn’t match to customer zip XXXXX
  • Fixed Method Mage_Wishlist_Block_Links::addWishlistLink removed
    – Added “@deprecated after”
  • Fixed “Subscribed to Newsletter” success e-mail couldn’t be sent if you changed customer’s subscription in admin.
  • Fixed Problems with newsletter template preview on newsletter queue edit page
  • Fixed Dashboard reports bug
    – Added discount to Mage_Reports_Model_Mysql4_Order_Collection:::addSumAvgTotals()
  • Fixed Google base timeout
    – Timeout is 60 seconds now.
  • Fixed Bundle product is not shipped correctly
  • Fixed Unable to translate product edit/create page
  • Fixed Dataflow customers export optimization
    – customer groups are storing in memory instead of DB queries
  • Fixed Price layer navigation does not count product with zero price
  • Fixed Import Product doesn’t work
    – added empty file checking
  • Fixed Price Indexer does not apply configurable options surcharges for customer groups different to “NOT LOGGED IN”
  • Fixed Category Update Not Reflected in Left Nav
  • Fixed Notify Stock RSS Includes Products without stock
  • Fixed FPT is not shown in the order review page (for website)
  • Fixed SQL Upgrades have wrong implementation
  • Fixed Email to a friend error, existing Order Send Email error
    – Added ability to access to /admin/sales_order/email/ action
  • Fixed Total Refunded Report shows Offline Refunded orders like Online Refunded
  • Fixed UPS XML Shipping method doesn’t work, if country of shipping origin is not USA
    – Added Mage::log() for errors @ Mage_Usa_Model_Shipping_Carrier_Ups::_parseXmlResponse()

The Annual WordPress Conference: WordCamp SF 2011

Posted in: Events, WordPress- Jan 24, 2011

Mark your calendars: WordCamp San Francisco, the official annual WordPress conference, will be August 12-14, 2011. This year will mark the 5th anniversary of WordCamp, and as always will feature Matt Mullenweg’s “State of the Word” address as well as a variety of amazing speakers that you’d normally only get to see at expensive industry conferences. This year the program will be expanded to three days, with programming for publishers, bloggers, and developers. There will also be related activities, like core team summits, workshops  for contributors, designers, and local organizers, and various professional and networking events. The planning is just beginning, so save the date on your calendar and keep an eye on the WordCamp SF 2011 site (and/or follow the @wordcampsf twitter account) for updates as details become available.

*For people who attended WordCamp SF last year who thought the annual event this year would be called WordCon, with WordCamp SF becoming a more locally-oriented event, you can read my long-winded explanation of why we didn’t go that route over the on the WordCamp Central blog.

X-Cart v4.4.2 released

Posted in: Releases, X-Cart- Jan 11, 2011

The new X-Cart v4.4.2 is now available for downloading in the “File area” section in your HelpDesk account at https://secure.qtmsoft.com.

NOTE: The distribution packages will be also available for downloading at http://www.x-cart.com/download.html in 1 business day.

v4.4.2 is a minor bug-fix release which also features improved stability, security and performance. For the detailed changes description see the CHANGELOG file included into the distribution package.

Find the installation guide at http://help.qtmsoft.com/index.php?ti…t:Installation

NOTE: The upgrade pack from 4.4.1 to 4.4.2 will be available in a week approximately. You will be updated in this forum thread.

The upgrade pack for X-Cart from v4.4.1 to v4.4.2 has been released and available for downloading in the “My licenses” section in your personal Helpdesk

http://help.qtmsoft.com/index.php?ti…#My_li censes

3.0.4 Important Security Update

Posted in: Security, WordPress- Dec 29, 2010

Version 3.0.4 of WordPress, available immediately through the update page in your dashboard or for download here, is a very important update to apply to your sites as soon as possible because it fixes a core security bug in our HTML sanitation library, called KSES. I would rate this release as “critical.”

This issue affects all versions of WordPress prior to 3.0.4, so if you are still on a 2.X release you need to update as well.

I realize an update during the holidays is no fun, but this one is worth putting down the eggnog for. In the spirit of the holidays, consider helping your friends as well.

If you are a security researcher, we’d appreciate you taking a look over this changeset as well to review our update. We’ve given it a lot of thought and review but since this is so core we want as many brains on it as possible. Thanks to Mauro Gentile and Jon Cave (duck_) who discovered and alerted us to these XSS vulnerabilities first.

WordPress 3.0.3 released today

Posted in: Releases, WordPress- Dec 08, 2010

WordPress 3.0.3 is available and is a security update for all previous WordPress versions.

This release fixes issues in the remote publishing interface, which under certain circumstances allowed Author- and Contributor-level users to improperly edit, publish, or delete posts.

These issues only affect sites that have remote publishing enabled.

Remote publishing is disabled by default, but you may have enabled it to use a remote publishing client such as one of the WordPress mobile apps. You can check these settings on the “Settings → Writing” screen.

Download 3.0.3 or update automatically from the “Dashboard → Updates” screen in your site’s admin area.

Magento released

Posted in: Magento, Releases- Dec 08, 2010

Major Highlights


  • Starting from this release we are including TheFind extension.
  • New Magento Connect Manager excluded from this version.
  • Upgrade Notes:
    * Those who installed Magento version or through Magento Connect should reinstall it manually, because this version contains old version of Magento Connect Manager.



  • Added “Switch/Maestro” card type support to centinel 3DS validator. Added comment about maestro and 3d-secure to paypal system config
  • Added more flexible filters implementation in collections
    * Varien_Data_Collection::addFilter() registers filters as objects and implements getFilter() method to be able to detect/modify already existing filters
    * Varien_Data_Collection_Db::_renderFilters():
    * Added a hook _renderFiltersBefore()
    * Implemented ‘public’ filter type, which maps the provided filter field from public into internal view and passes the “value” as a condition through _getConditionSql()
    * Added $this->_renderFilters() call to abstract EAV collection to accommodate the filters that may be set by addFilter() method
  • Added ability to pass multiple recipient emails and names to Mage_Core_Model_Email_Template::send()
  • Backordered Item Status for subitems in Orders
    * Added correct message at order for all backordered items. At back-end all items shows as backordered if their quantity is below or equal to zero
    * Fix of duplication backorder messages for composite product options with same backordered item – saving backorder messages per product id
  • Magento Connect Manager
    * checking cyclic dependency references and conflicts with local files
    * implemented adding to MCM manually installed extension
    * changed upgrade logic, previous version of package should be deleted before install new
    * Implemented new download process and dependencies rules
    * Added correct behavior during extension reinstall, so dependencies will not reinstall automatically
  • Optimized rewrite selection from DB, added url rewrite and suffix validation at admin backend
  • Added verification of access level for app/etc/local.xml.
    * Now if server configuration has issue and this file accessible from browser admin user gets notification in backend.
  • Upgraded Zend Framework to version 1.10.8
  • Added the Recurring Profiles tab in customer management
  • Implemented cache for shipping rates and fixing issues with rounding
  • Design packages and themes optimization/refactoring/improvements:
    * minor improvements and fixes
    * improved upgrade-ability of CE themes
  • iPhone Theme Refactoring
  • Added Widget settings sharing between widget types
  • For Invoices, Shipment, Credit Memos added possibility to show admin comments at user frontend (checkboxes “Visible on Frontend” in admin interface)
    * Added JS to enables/disable checkbox ‘Append Comments’ depending on checkbox ‘Email Order Confirmation’
    * Refactored invoice/shipment/refund comments collections models to one abstract Comment Collection Model
    * Refactored Block Order Invoice/Shipment/Creditmemo comments to usage of common block and design – Block Order Comments
  • A little more accurate profiler – important for very quick measurements
  • Add Shopping Cart API
  • Implementing payment refund notifications
  • Added website price scope for bundle items
  • Added support of pending transaction to payflow pro. Also fixed “denied payment review” message in payment
  • Upgraded TinyMCE to v.3.3.7
  • Added to prototype validation by length min-length validation
  • Added Varien.DateElement for front-end date form fields and re-implemented Varien.DOB
  • Added functionality to disable dashboard charts in backend (System > Configuration > Admin > Dashboard)
  • Added functionality to disable dashboard charts during installation
  • Adminhtml W3C Validation improvements
  • Added ability to use session save method from configuration
  • Rendering customer attributes
  • Added favicon manager under System > Configuration > Design > HTML Head



  • Refactored shipping rates calculation to keep process solid and do not try to recreate internal process of calculation, as it was
  • Added caching of requests to shipping carriers, because otherwise we get too much duplicate requests during calculation of every shipping method
  • Refactored “Special products” RSS feeed
  • Shortened the names of all foreign keys longer than 49 characters
  • Compilation scope for some EAV models which was causing blank page after enabling compilation
  • Deleted Mage_Sales_Model_Recurring_Profile_Info, which was not on its place and added accidentally
  • Category and product design settings inheritance logic
  • Refactored one routine in Inventory Observer to remove code duplication
  • Disabling product attribute usage in promo rules not affect existing promo rules
  • Refactoring validation states for Centinel
    * Added template method Mage_Centinel_Model_StateAbstract::isLookupSuccessful
  • Add boolean type for catalog price rules and condition for category_ids
  • Removed Maestro/Switch/Solo card from system. Added Maestro/Switch and Solo cards to Chronopay and Cybersource methods
  • Mage_Adminhtml_Block_Sales_Order_Creditmemo block had dependence from ‘canCapture’ ‘canCapturePartial’. It was changed to ‘canRefund’ ‘canRefundPartialPerInvoice’. For set result of Mage_Adminhtml_Block_Sales_Items_Abstract::CanEditQty`s we can use setCanEditQty
  • Added Maestro/Switch and Solo Dollars card types for paypal_direct payment method. Also removed Maestro/Solo/Switch card type for this method
  • Removed “Shipping address” block on recurring profile view page if product is virtual. Also fixed virtual order detection
  • Refactored PayPal cart line items and cart totals calculation to accommodate various discounts and tax settings
    * added hidden discount and hidden shipping taxes to the calculation
    * eliminated cart line items logic from the helper, moved it to the paypal/cart model
    * simplified transferring of the totals and line items to PayPal API objects
  • Refactored sales rule discount detection on “buy_x_get_y” rule type
  • Added catalog_product table definition to product review collection
  • Changed type of obscure input field to ‘password’, so this field is hidden even when user enters data in it
  • Removed dependence to payment method on getting billing agreement method title. For now payment method title stored in billing agreement
  • Removed invoice creation thought zero subtotal checkout with new order status “pending”
  • Removed SID from url generation when Use SID on Frontend option is disabled
  • Added customer session validation for loadCustomerQuote method
  • Iphone clears.css has been deleted



  • Fixed Opening bestseller product (admin/dashboards) results in adding new product
    * fixed case when dashboard shows report for non-existing product (i.e. deleted one)
  • Fixed Bestsellers statistic bug
    * removed NULL values from statistic tables and changed foreign keys to cascade deleting stats for deleted products
  • Fixed Gift message displaying conditions not properly work on frontend and backend
  • Fixed QTY of product is incorrectly showed in Customer’s Current Activities – Shopping Cart and Customer’s Shopping Cart.
  • Fixed Gift message displaying conditions not properly work on frontend and backend – fixed missed bracked
  • Fixed Magento Connect Manager -> No warning message
  • Fixed Unable to upload community extention in Magento Connect Manager without Community Channel installed
  • Fixed Bundle product price calculated not correctly
  • Fixed Customer’s email doesn’t escalate to billing/shipping addresses
    * added copying email field from quote address to order address
    * added sending email to PayPal, when user’s address doesn’t contain email info
  • Fixed Catalog-specific attribute options do not load when using through catalog/output helper
    * method _getLoadDataFields at product attribute resource collection modified to select additional needed fields;
  • Fixed saving attribute value in store view scope only
  • Fixed Not searchable attributes are searched by Quick search.
  • Fixed Customers won’t appear in the search results on the customer grid in the admin
  • Fixed Huge memory consumption on flat shipping rates import
    * decrease to 5000 count of data wich inserts into DB in one iterate, to avoid exceed of 128M memory_limit
  • Fixed Config fields “Disable output” doesn’t implement inherited value
  • Fixed Category created for some store view not displayed on frontend
    * include_in_menu attribute was made as required to set default value when category created in specified store
  • Fixed creating of “Shopping Cart Price Rule’
    * setActualProductAttributes method was called with ‘attribute_set_id’ value in $attributes param. But it does not exist in ‘eav/attribute’ table. So we need to check it
  • Fixed PayPal PE transaction_id detection: Overrided getPaypalTransactionId method in PE API – changed transaction id getting to process payflow accounts not assigned to paypal side
  • Fixed Configurable Product Catalog Price Rule Issue: the main idea is to calculate price rule on configurable price separately from base price
  • Fixed fatal error during import large file
  • Fixed Shipping information is not displayed in backend after Google Checkout operations
  • Fixed Field Mapping Issue during customer import
  • Fixed CMS blocks grid inoperable with store filter in GWS-limited mode
  • Fixed incorrect qty increment behaviour
    * qty increment not decimal validate
    * when adding product with qty increment to cart – redirect to product’s page
    * generate message about mismatch of qty increment when editing item qty at cart
  • Fixed ups/usps and Guam
  • Fidex issues with attaching product to multiple stores: refresh product index query update
  • Fixed displaying of bundle product weight
  • Fixed “Select a PayPal Solution” checkbox bug: Website Payments Pro and Website Payments Pro Payflow Edition consider each other status in their checkboxes control logic
  • Fixed Invoice Comments Stripped When Quantities Updated
  • Fixed XSS security issue on frontend
  • Fixed Google Chekout: Discount for shipping amount doesn’t apply
  • Fixed XSS issue in address form
  • Fixed Address in the customers address book cannot be deleted
  • Fixed CatalogSearch_Fulltext not being renewed for configurable products when editing attached simple products
  • Fixed Google Checkout: shipping method info is empty at order page in admin backend
  • Fixed Google Checkout: with discounted shipping – discount is applied again
  • Fixed Wrong timezone/DST in reports
  • Fixed coupon_code attribute inconsistency in some upgrade paths (from to
  • Fixed Created extension archive through Magento Connect include “.svn” directories
  • Fixed version of downloader
  • Fixed Magento Connect: User should has a possibility to choose version for extension upgrade
  • Fixed Magento Connect: User shouldn’t be able to download Magento into “0000 permissions” folders
  • Fixed Magento Connect: JS validation is absent for “Authors” tab on package extensions page
  • Fixed Magento Connect: Saving information on settings page
  • Fixed Magento Connect: “Configuration” step – server validation is absent during installation
  • Fixed Magento Connect: “Log in” page – Message or some information about required fields doesn’t appeared
  • Fixed Magento Connect: “Configuration” step – incorrect message appeared during installation
  • Fixed wrong shipping price in case of sales rule with fixed cart discount and 1 item in cart
  • Fixed the label for the configurable product attribute does not reflect correctly on the frontend
  • Fixed sales rule with fixed discount for whole cart doesn’t work
  • Fixed “Slash for category or product urls causes error 404”
  • Fixed Shared shopping cart on the stores with different domains
    * check origin url in all store urls
    * prevent to getting SID param from current query
  • Fixed #18454: Import profiles do not reset websites values
  • Fixed Issue with zero grand total express checkout for recurring products.
  • Fixed “Allow Gift message” setting on the product page doesn’t work in Front.
  • Fixed “Duplicate” of bundle product leads to an error
  • Fixed Catalog sitemap for categories shows inactive sub categories if flat catalog enabled
  • Fixed Added support of all product attributes in conditions/actions of salesRules.
  • Fixed Disabling product attribute usage in promo rules not affect existing promo rules
  • Fixed “Cart Price Rule not working with Product Attributes” (boolean values not properly shown in rule conditions)
  • Fixed Wrong amounts invoiced with FPT
  • Fixed Wrong order status after refund and additional related issue on frontend during checkout
  • Fixed Unable to delete uploaded sample for downloadable product
  • Fixed Paypal Direct send wrong billing address to API
  • Fixed Incorrect viewing of category settings after refreshing page
  • Fixed Catalog price rule discount not working during backend order creation
  • Fixed Double headers for session cookie set
  • Fixed Custom design is not reset properly after shipment comment emails
  • Fixed Tax report displays incorrect figures
  • Fixed Removed invoice creation on “completed” IPN message with payment_entity = “auth” to prevent double capture creation on single transaction with IPR.
  • Fixed Image browser in WYSIWYG editor doesn’t fill mouse over/out fields
  • Fixed Added rounding to “Refund Shipping” field on credit memo creation page.
  • Fixed Added additional error messages to customer address validation on PHP side while creating.
  • Fixed “No server side check for password length when customer edits his account information”
    * Also added proper processing for password == ‘0’, earlier it was considered as non-set password
  • Fixed WYSIWYG editor breaks directives that are not in src attribute
  • fixed directives decoding for a case when the secret key is present in URLs
  • Fixed Duplicate of a product creates it with no SKU value and is saved
  • Fixed Redundant catalog product attribute “category_ids” remains during upgrade from 1.3 to 1.4
  • Fixed Reports/Shopping cart/Products in carts optimization
  • Fixed “If all Storeviews value set up – disabled –> Front end shows default storeview instead of 404 page”
  • Fixed Added error on zero subtotal checkout with paypal express. Removed paypal express button on shopping cart with zero grand total.
  • Fixed Field labels and field values are not aligned vertically on Sales Orders in Admin
  • Fixed Spacing between field labels and field values is inappropriate on the Recurring Profiles tab in My Account section
  • Fixed Not searchable attributes are searched by Quick search.
    * Checking if attribute used in quick search before adding to fulltext field
  • Fixed Mage_Customer_Model_Customer::getGroupId can’t return zero value
  • Fixed #23184: Huge memory consumption on flat shipping rates import
  • Optimized and refactored Table Rate import
  • Fixed Scrolling during category load results in some js-errors
  • Fixed “Javascript alert on “manage category” page”
  • Fixed Security Vulnerability on Mage_Core_Block_Template level
  • Fixed Merged CSS breaks Secure Pages (https)
  • Fixed SOAP webservices do not work when enabling “Add Store Code to URLs”
  • Fixed Incorrect displaying of the Start Date entered by customer while adding to the cart recurring product
  • Fixed Downloadable Product “lable” typo
  • Fixed While creating gift message from backend it disappears in case of refreshing page
  • Fixed Product export fails when the quantity of exported products is 25 000 or more (memory leak in products)
  • Fixed While creating gift message from backend it disappears in case of refreshing page
  • Fixed Google Chekout: Discount for shipping amount doesn’t apply
    * onepage checkout recalculates shipping charges after setting the payment method (not solved yet in multishipping)
    * added warning about Carrier Calculated Shipping in Google Checkout system configuration
    * GC API callback now sets the payment method to quote on requests
    * the free shipping calculator now marks the entire address as “free shipping” if all its items have free shipping
  • Fixed On wide monitors checkbox “Create Permanent redirect” in admin backend wraps up to the end of input box
  • Fixed Tag isn’t showed in Product Page and My account->My Tags, if tag are deleted by customer, approved by administrator, added by customer
  • Fixed Non standard images make troubles with “Next”/”Previous” buttons
  • Fixed There is no validation of the Tracking number field during first time creation of the shipment
  • Fixed Missed dollar sign in variable name
  • Fixed Incorrect escaping of Mage_Catalog_Model_Abstract::loadByAttribute method
    * Zend_DB_Select::where must get null values to skip quoting into $cond empty strings if value is null
  • Fixed “URL rewrites duplicating when assigning to root category”
  • Fixed Shipping method UPS_XML missing titles
  • Fixed The pager is missing for tagged product list
  • Fixed Report > Products Ordered ignores Store view switcher
  • Fixed Flat catalog index problem after upgrade with customizations present
  • Fixed Incorrect bundle items inventory decrements
  • Fixed Category and product design settings inheritance
  • Fixed Removed fatal error on removing non existent quote item from quote
  • Fixed Credit Card Maestro/Solo: The field “Start Date” is not displayed on order information page
    * deleted unused Maestro/Solo from Payment module config
    * moved Maestro/Switch and Solo card definition from Chronopay to Payment module config
    * deleted Meastro/Switch definition with incorrect code MS from Cybersource module config
    * fixed logic of showing “Issue number” and “Start Date” of Switch/Solo card on frontend
  • Added warning about offline refund
  • Fixed Mage_Checkout_Block_Cart_Item_Renderer::getIsInStock bug
  • Fixed Fatal on edit configurable product page, if custom required price attribute is used
  • Fixed #0011135: View invoice error with changed query string
  • Fixed Trailing semi-colon displayed on Profile Export page
  • Fixed New Orders & Other Authenticated RSS feeds should use HTTPS
  • Fixed Dataflow export products sku filter works as not “starts with”, but “like”
  • Fixed Removed default shipping address assign on paypal express checkout
  • Fixed The customers from Puerto Rico can’t pay with PayPal (Express Checkout in PaypalUk)
  • Fixed Shared shopping cart on the stores with different domains
  • Fixed Discount amount for the whole cart divide proportionally between all affected items according to their base price and then applied.
  • Fixed Removed store selector in single store mode on url rewrite edit page
  • Fixed Javascript validator’s translation strings missing
  • Fixed Quick Search Autocomplete does not work via ajax http protocol for https page
  • Fixed Inventory->Qty Increments – unable to add
  • Fixed Loading search query performance issue
  • Fixed Changed labels in checkout and payment information blocs for credit cards Solo Maestro Switch
  • Fixed Product q-ty doesnt decrease after google checkout
    * added same ‘checkout_submit_all_after’ event to AmazonPayments
    * removed ‘TODO’ notice from Multishipping Checkout, because current scheme is better and will not be influenced by any Multishipping refactoring
    * fixed Observer reaction on ‘checkout_submit_all_after’ to include needed reindexing
  • Added checkout_multishipping_controller_success_action and checkout_onepage_controller_success_action events that pass the created order ids on frontend checkout success actions
  • Fixed Google Analytics tracking pages with wrong URI:
    * Completely reimplemented googleanalytics/ga block:
    * it doesn’t depend on session/quote, but just uses order_ids, if passed
    * the page_name parameter is reimplemented as it was intended to be: an optional parameter that can be customized via layout for certain actions
    * moved out the integration part with google checkout to observer
    * eCommerce tracking passes shipping address instead of the billing address, if available
    * replaced the “affiliation” into store frontend name in eCommerce tracking (as it is intended to be)
    * eliminated passing order item “category” in eCommerce tracking (that never existed)
    * optimized javascript code of GA with Google Checkout integration
    * Eliminated mutual code coupling between Google Analytics and Google Checkout modules
    * Improved integration of Google Analytics and Google Checkout:
    * the GA integration should appear only when GC buttons are available
    * there will be no integration when there is no GA tracking code configured
    * the GA/GC integration seems like wasn’t working because there was no pageTracker js variable accessible to the GC scripts
  • Fixed Wrong links in backend to “New Products/Low Stock/Customer reviews” RSS feeds
  • Fixed “Send auto-generated password” generates e-mail with incorrect template
  • Fixed Unable to refund Credit Memo because of Shipping Rounding
  • Fixed Added custom option info to recurring profile info page on frontend and backend.
  • Fixed Product Visibility and Status disappear when in search
  • Fixed Removed validation of new customer shipping address on backend for orders with virtual products only
  • Fixed ability to buy Product which have status “Out of Stock” through a direct link on button “Checkout with PayPal”
  • Fixed All free shipping methods in absent in Transfer Shipping Options menu on PayPal side
  • Fixed Payment methods titles for the PDF prints through admin gets from default config instead of the storeview config
  • Fixed PayPal and Puerto Rico shipping address
  • Fixed “Transfer Shipping Options” pass on PayPal side not correct value for Flat Rate method
  • Fixed Centinel JCB validation test cases 8-9
  • Fixed Saving caterory in store view scope
  • Fixed Attribute upgrades moved from to
  • Fixed that product tagged by administrator has wrong URL at front-end
  • Fixed refusal from Card Verification (through link Exit), does not allow to place order repeatedly
    * If lookup was filed and customer tries again we will do new lookup.
    * If lookup was success and customer tries again without some changes we will not do new lookup
    * If authentication was filed and customer tries again we will do new lookup and authentication
    * If authentication was success and customer tries again without some changes we will not do new lookup and authentication
  • Fixed #22536: Light-weight email templates. Wishlist share email fix
  • Fixed declaration of Mage_Cybersource_Model_Api_ExtendedSoapClient::__doRequest() compatibility with SoapClient::__doRequest()
  • Fixed Two registration emails from a wrong store and without a logo are sent when a customer is created in Admin panel
  • Fixed Reindex for bundle products with date fields
  • Fixed Status is “Ready” instead to be “Reindex required” then creating new subcategory in mode “Manual Update”
    * index status changed to STATUS_REQUIRE_REINDEX when search engine changes
  • Fixed #23321: Wrong type casting in method
  • Fixed Print-All Includes Tracking # from All Shipments on Every Shipment
  • Fixed Ignored ‘Include in Navigation Menu’ category option with enabled flat catalog.
  • Fixed Admin unable to add Image through WYSIWYG to description and Short description without intermediate product saving
  • Fixed QTY decrement after multishipping
  • Double clicking adds product to cart twice
  • Fixed Catalog Price Rule(for NOT LOGGEN IN customers) is not applied for shopping cart and while checkout as guest or while first registration.
  • Fixed Payment methods titles for the PDF prints through admin gets from default config instead of the storeview config
  • Fixed Mage_Adminhtml_Model_System_Config_Backend_Serialized::_afterLoad() does not check input for unserialize()
  • Fixed Sending letters through “Contact Us” form, leads to error
  • Fixed PayPal Express with Flat Rate: incorrect counting Shipping amounts per order
  • Fixed Saving attribute value in store view scope only causes data loss.
  • Fixed #22607: Dispose of Mage_GiftRegistry module
  • Fixed Related products are not saved when you attach them to a product
  • Fixed Added qty to bundle unit price calculation to quote totals recalculating.
  • Fixed Saving category cause: ‘Exception’ with message ‘File was not uploaded.’ in /home/vadim.kusakin/dev/qa/2759/lib/Varien/File/Uploader.php:139
  • Fixed Fixed MAGE-638 Magento Connect -> MCM -> If agreement checkbox is unchecked, “Continue” button should be disabled
  • Fixed Set the same column font size as in cells in PDF documents printing
  • Fixed Home page appears instead of predefined 404 page
  • Fixed Removed converting of “is one of” and “is not one of” values in decimal.
  • Fixed Wrong column type for order_increment_id on Invoice, Shipments, Creditmemo grids
    * order_increment_id was setted as “text” instead of “number” type
  • Fixed Inconsistency with credit memos showing buttons online vs offline
  • Fixed PayPal Express shortcut is missed on product page
  • Fixed An email is sent to a customer after its profile is edited in the Admin panel
  • Fixed that Payflow Pro includes only the first line of billing/shipping addresses into request
  • Fixed Incorrect showing of product page when inputing a product description with table which have attribute align = left
  • Fixed Wrong link for bestsellers in admin dashboard. Grids.php fixture doesn’t do anything for this bug – just to beautify code.
  • Fixed Added fixes to reports – base_discount_amount is actually kept negative in DB.
  • Fixed Empty dropdown ‘status’ at the creation New Review Grid.
  • Fixed Incorrect work of “Recently Compared Products” functional on category’s page
  • Fixed behavior when having single store, javascript raises exception and all followed code is not executed
  • Fixed that Special price for dynamic bundle applies twice
  • Fixed #21960: Labels in page/html_wrapper and core/text_list in layout
  • Fixed GUI bugs on Recurrent Profile frontend part
  • Fixed Magento Connect -> Message about invalid URL is duplicated
  • Fixed that suspend Recurring Profile from front side leads to error
  • Fixed Missing pager for tagged product list
  • Fixed Wrong profiler output for getUrl in Category
  • Fixed Saving of billing agreement relation with order – added force billing agreement re-saving and fixed isValid method in agreement detection.
  • Fixed Incorrect sort order reliable on mysql internal order during eav attribute load
    * move prepare select to separate method
  • Fixed passing additional totals to PayPal when cart line items are disabled:
    * simplified paypal/abstract api to just set the paypal/cart instance and the needed configuration settings
    * moved workarounds of setting shipping and discount totals as line items into the appropriate APIs: WPS and NVP
  • Fixed In My product Review short description HTML tags are shown
  • Fixed that Refund from google chekout don’t display on the order in Magento
  • Fixed that “Compare Products” block does not appear on the category page and product page
  • Fixed Non-existing attribute’s source model causes fatal error
  • Fixed Varien_Db_Select memory leak
  • Fixed #18569: Gift Messages not in OrderInfo returned array
  • Fixed PayPal API credentials wizard popup size
  • Fixed #11449: customer_id is mismatch with entity_id in customer.create
  • Fixed merging CSS-files with different skin domain to pick a proper base URL
  • Fixed Bad UI style on checkout success page
  • Fixed buying more than 1 virtual product in multishipping checkout
  • Fixed #22518: Wrong amount for second refund
  • Fixed #22776: Bug Causing Recursion Error
  • Fixed #22668: Incorrect reports for coupons
  • Fixed Products -> Product with “Out of stock” status displayed on frontend, but shouldn’t
  • Fixed Password miss match for newly created in Back end customer
  • Fixed “There has been an error processing your request” page is displayed when specified order status is selected on Reports->Sales->Tax page
  • Fixed bug with ‘Use Flat Catalog Category’
  • Fixed #13770, #16300, #21040 : Product Media Api Broken, product_media.create API overwrites image itself each upload, product_media.update API does not upgrade the image itself
  • Fixed #16306: Webservice with htaccess (changes in code style)
  • Fixed #22536: Light-weight email templates
  • Fixed #18935: Soap api v2 multiple complexFilters with the same key
  • Fixed incorrect Window titles on frontend
  • Fixed Eliminated display currency usage (instead of the base website currency) in shopping cart price rule conditions
  • Fixed #21146: Magento falls into the white screen when saving URL rewrite for a product on the Default Store View
    * corrected syntax mistakes
  • Fixed batch of issues related to google checkout:
    * Invoice don’t create automatically with Google Checkout
    * Google checkout invoice duplication
    * Automatically authorize the buyer’s credit card for the full amount of the order
    * Refund from google checkout don’t display on the order in Magento
    * Google Chekout: Discount for shipping amount doesn’t apply
    * Different order amount in Google checkout and Magento orders
    * Applying of discount for shipping, when using google checkout
    * Order is in google sandbox doesn’t contain gift card
  • Fixed #23461: Wrong attribute value in catalog link widget XML
  • Fixed getting complete state for orders with zero grand total when processed
  • Added Store id param to billing agreement entity.  Also fixed store setting in billing agreement payment method.
  • Fixed fatal error in payment method list fetching (MAGE-500)
  • Fixed #22575: Trace error during using filter “Products” on Tags page
  • Fixed Grids with settings remain active while disabled PayPal methods
  • Fixed configuration merger fatal error when store/website resource structure is inconsistent
  • Fixed PayPal admin setup: checkbox problem
  • Fixed Adding shipping address transferring on non guest checkout in Paypal Standard
  • Fixed “Save in address book” checkbox in the Shipping address area doesn’t work while admin order creation
  • Fixed pre-selecting default address during checkout
  • Fixed Email with empty password is sent to a customer after an order is created in the Admin panel
  • Fixed Necessary to add data validation for filed “Trial Billing Frequency” in Recurring Profile
  • Fixed “Out of Stock” product is possible to purchase successfully through Shortcut button
  • Fixed phpdocs in lib/Varien and removed junk file
  • Fixed #21146: Magento falls into the white screen when saving URL rewrite for a product on the Default Store View
  • Fixed #21643: Fixed “wsdl” parameter validation for Soap V2
    * Changed class SoapServer with class Zend_Soap_server
    * Added ability to set response charset from admin panel: System->Configuration->Magento Core API
  • Fixed #21499: Default billing and shipping address
  • Fixed #21565: missing “comment” for salesOrderStatusHistoryEntity
  • Fixed #20481: Access Control List not retrieved for API user for resources() and resourceFaults() operations
  • Fixed #18367: FCGI Error on WSDL Url with Apache and mod_fastcgi
  • Fixed #22053: use HTTP 301 code instead of 302 in case of web/url/redirect_to_base
  • Fixed #20654: Admin order creation->Move mouse cursor isn’t changed into hand while move it on some product for adding
  • Fixed #21590: Attribute ‘Date’: testing for uniqueness fields not working
  • Fixed #21566: Type of attribute ‘Price’: Possible to add text value for field ‘default value’
  • Fixed #22053: added optional behavior (301 or 302)
  • Fixed #21570: Review from not logged in user is saved in list of All Reviews when “Allow guests to write reviews = No”
  • Fixed #22090: Different values of Qty Increments during create and after duplicate products
  • Fixed #22489: Eliminate difference between bundle.js in different skins
  • Fixed #22419: Set default stock_data if not exist in create/update product
  • Fixed #20227: “Review(x)” link should be added to the compare page.
  • Fixed #21570: Review from not logged in user is saved in list of All Reviews when “Allow guests to write reviews = No”
  • Fixed #20959: Locale problem in shipping tracking popup raises exception
  • Fixed #21955: Layout cache ignores product column count update
  • Fixed #20011: After using filter “Color” or “Manufacture” in Configurable Product meaning from column is disappear
  • Fixed #21908: Incorrect attribute ordering in “Compare products” page.
  • Fixed #22222: Edit review-> if browse stores in the “Visible In “ drop-down, rating values reseted
  • Fixed #22075: Product Attribute title specified for StoreView isn’t showing on the configurable product’s page
  • Fixed #22605: catalog_category.level return root categories when website or store are null
  • Fixed #21806: Different values display on the shopping cart in front-end and back-end
  • Fixed #20113: Shipping address display as default on the front-end and as not default on admin for one customer
  • Fixed #22575: Trace error during using filter “Products” on Tags page
    * added ‘filter_index’ to array parameter in addColumn() method call
  • Fixed #14591: Incorrect SKU for Configurable Product with Custom Options
  • Fixed #22476: Blank Column in Related Products Grid
    * deleted duplicate output for editable columns
  • Fixed #22575: Trace error during using filter “Products” on Tags page
    * apply filter_index field values to index
  • Fixed #22644: A discrepancy between GT(Base) and GT(Purchased)
  • Fixed #22645: Incorrect original price when using custom price in order.
  • Fixed #22653: Missed checking for file existence in JS/CSS merger
    * checking in source file exists. If not – do not check last modification and force to merge target file again
  • Fixed #22594: Unable to place orders through checkout with multiple addresses with PayPal direct + zero subtotal for one order
  • Fixed #21185: Newsletter confirmed automatically BEFORE account email is confirmed.
  • Fixed #22167: “Add new row” button in downloadable product
  • Fixed #21952: BUG – Category / Url Model (UYN-886991)
  • Fixed #15334, #17794
    * API category did not pass validation process due to available_sort_by must be ArrayOfString
    * Added category validation for backend (missed)
    * Creating separate validation for available_sort_by and default_sort_by attributes
  • Fixed #22599 Upgrade from 1.1.8 to database compatibility issues (PARTIAL)
  • Fixed #22661: 1 cent bug
  • Fixed #22434: 100% discount of products -> the amounts of Tax and Grand Totals are or negative or not corectly
  • Fixed #10073: Unnecessary option for downloadable products
  • Fixed #20014: Qty use decimals for downloadable
  • Fixed #22164: Incorrect message for maximum shipping amount
  • Fixed #22174: Custom ‘Qty to Refund’ isn’t remembered after message about incorrect amount
  • Fixed #22182: The value of ‘Customer Since’ field to duplicate clients at different sites.
  • Fixed #22243: Add new review by admin->type of this review is ‘guest’, but should be ‘administrator’
  • Fixed #22313: Time of order creation if not displayed by the “Order Created At (datetime)” template variable.
  • Fixed #22348: “Add to card” button is absent for giftcard product in the catalog
  • Fixed #22640: Creating customer unable after adress tab manipulations
  • Fixed #22670: Credit memo – incorrect shipping price displaying
  • Fixed #22798: Excl and Inc. Tax don’t display on the Estimate Shipping and Tax block
  • Fixed #20088: Admin able to push on-line refund button for the capture off-line invoice
  • Fixed #16306: Webservice with htaccess. Added server authorization (.htaccess)
  • Fixed #22266: HEADERS ALREADY SENT Error during dataflow import
    * Additionally: moveing layout update in separate layout file of dataflow module.
  • Fixed #21412: The “Save Attribute” and “Save and Continue Edit” buttons become disabled after saving attribute with attribute code that exists
  • Fixed #22844: After login to admin got 404 instead Startup Page
  • Fixed #22852: shopping cart price rule – search by ID – error page
  • Fixed #15897: Unsubscription Email Sender in the Newsletters Subscription Options is not working correctly
  • Fixed #15899: Newsletters subscription confirmation in not working
  • Fixed #22908: Grid Serializer doesn’t handle dropdowns as edit columns
  • Fixed #22946: ‘Products Tagged by Administrators’ grid contains information about product that is assigned by the customer
  • Fixed #22935: Issue with Google AdWords and DSMM Code
  • Fixed #22910: view of system/design table with no records under IE 8
  • Fixed #22914: view of URL rewrite table with no records under IE 8
  • Fixed #22935: Issue with Google AdWords and DSMM Code
  • Fixed #22536: Light-weight email templates
  • Fixed #23017: Memcache session fallback does not work
  • Fixed #22992: Trace appears during create reorder from front-end
  • Fixed #22991: Cannot add items to shopping cart after active ‘Use Flat Catalog Product’
  • Fixed #22813: Google base Undefined Offset when Managing attribute mapping
  • Fixed #23138: URL rewrite error on product creation
  • Added Regions for baltic states and Finland
  • Fixed #23092: Memcached and compiler
  • Fixed #19804: sorting/searching by “inventory” field
  • Fixed #23241: Catalog price rule not correctly appy for customer group
  • Fixed #16294: WSDL missing attributes for customerCustomerEntity
  • Fixed #22851: Used wrong resource model for api/user
  • Fixed #18207: SOAP-ERROR: Parsing Schema: can’t import schema from ‘http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/encoding/’
  • Fixed Fatal error: Call to undefined function eaccelerator_fetch()

New Support Hours Are 7 Days A Week, 7 AM – 7 PM Pacific

Posted in: Miva Merchant- Nov 14, 2010

Expanding upon its unparalleled reputation for supporting customers, Miva Merchant has now expanded its hours to include weekends.

Any Miva Merchant customer with an active support contract can now have access to the new extended hours, with an Extended Hours support team available to promptly help resolve any customer support issue.

“In today’s internet marketplace, customer support needs vary widely,” said Rick Wilson, President/COO of Miva Merchant. “Miva Merchant realizes that some of its clients do business outside of the standard North American working hours, and require access to first-class support when they need it. This is why Miva Merchant has extended the support hours for its customers. When a support issue arises with your Ecommerce Shopping Cart software, you can rest assured that Miva Merchant’s support network will be there to find a solution that works for your business.”

About Miva Merchant

Miva Merchant offers a complete e-commerce solution consisting of PA-DSS validated shopping cart software, PCI compliant ecommerce hosting, credit card processing services and custom website design & development. Over 50,000 merchants use Miva Merchant’s highly customizable, intuitive and scalable ecommerce software. These merchants range from hand-selected boutique product stores to manufacturers directly integrating their manufacturing with distributor access and an online retail presence. To see examples of online stores running on Miva Merchant, visit http://www.mivamerchant.com/.

Contact Information:

Miva Merchant
(858) 731-4100

Miva Merchant 5.5 Wombat Update Released

Posted in: Miva Merchant, Releases- May 14, 2010

Miva Merchant’s advanced and scalable “Wombat” Update creates traction for online merchants with streamlined order management features and new CSS UI.

San Diego, CA 07 May 2010–Veteran online shopping cart leader Miva Merchant today announced the launch of its long-awaited Production Release 7, codename “Wombat.” After more than 15 months in development, and 6 months of rigorous beta testing, the Miva Merchant 5.5 Production Release 7 adds many significant features to the already robust shopping cart software. Notable among those features are powerful new tools expediting order processing and handling, sophisticated inventory tracking, and PA-DSS compliance-readiness. The sleek new CSS UI merits its kudos from designers and developers, who were extensively tapped for their wish lists at the early stages of Wombat’s development.

Timesaving for day-to-day operations drives new features for such tasks as post-transaction order adjustments and printing shipping labels, as well as taking phone orders from directly inside the admin panel. The scalable and advanced Inventory Variants allow for complex kit building and inventory at the attribute level, including dynamic pricing and quantity-on-hand updates based on attribute selections. With the PA-DSS mandatory deadline looming, all payment application providers must be PA-DSS compliant no later than July 1 2010. The compliance is being exacted from software providers who make electronic payment applications that utilize credit cards.

The all new Miva Merchant CSS UI has been built from the ground up to be W3C Compliant. With the new CSS UI, it’s now possible to completely change the look and feel of a site without touching the template code, reducing the risk of breaking important functionality by separating code, content and design. The CSS UI gives the merchant a modern ecommerce site right out of the box, shortening the time to launch a new online store. Additionally, the functional layout provides an optimized shopping flow, customer order processing and improved SEO architecture that is more intuitive for web designers and developers to change.

Rick Wilson, President and COO of Miva Merchant, commented, “Our ‘Wombat’ release truly pushes the foundation of our product to the next level. Miva Merchant has always been known for making scalable enterprise-class webstores available even on a small business budget. We’ve now added core features to our ecommerce product to make deploying a store even easier and faster for online merchants; plus the numerous new api’s pave the way to continuing cutting-edge advancement.”

About Miva Merchant

Miva Merchant offers a complete e-commerce solution consisting of PA-DSS validated shopping cart software, PCI compliant ecommerce hosting, credit card processing services and custom website design & development. Over 50,000 merchants use Miva Merchant’s highly customizable, intuitive and scalable ecommerce software. These merchants range from hand-selected boutique product stores to manufacturers directly integrating their manufacturing with distributor access and an online retail presence. To see examples of online stores running on Miva Merchant, visit http://www.mivamerchant.com/.

Contact Information:

Miva Merchant
(858) 731-4100